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Skype / phishing scam

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Have you ever heard the word skype, if no then certainly you should know what is skype and what are the latest updates on emerging skype scam. In terms of technical language skype is the program code or software which is used to make free voice calls over the Internet. Sometimes also referenced as making cheap phone calls or video calls all around the world.
It should be noted that skype work in similar with (VOIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol services a boost telecommunication tool for business end users. But certainly due to it’s vast and massive popularity it is on radar of cyber criminals thus resulting scams .Skype when installed, works with your other default programs stores on your computer It means it is activated when after your computer is booted and ready for use.
Moreover after it’s activation on, it display the status of the user of on and off if available or offline. Now taking this advantage scam artist are smart enough to inject the malware links (which are also know as spam links, badlinks ) via Internet in the form of email attachment or pony websites .
Remember in such cases Fake antivirus programs are too responsible for releasing phishy links.

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  • La
      26th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I had left my Skpe on today as I was expecting a call from my daughter. The call tone sounded and it was from "Computer Security" that advised me that I had a computer ID Number and that I would need this to activate a programme which would get rid of a harmful virus. I was to send money etc. I cancelled the call.
    How did they get my contact name? Should Skpe impove whatever security that they have? In which case how do I tell them as they are remarkably rewticennt n their web site?
    L. G. Measey

  • Ia
      5th of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I was sent something like that a week or so ago. But i never answered it but ended the call. Then something was happening last night as talking to my husband on Skype and kept was telling me to recharge and I did and then the money was there and then gone but came back up again. Today I look and I have 10c. I look to see where credit went and it seems I have been hacked. Taiwan calls up to $184. went for hours who ever made the calls. little [censored]e head.
    How do they get my account details? How do they by pass their security which I really think is flawed. However now SKYPE say not liable. I have asked how many people per day, week, months, year have their credit stolen and they (SKYPE) collect it? They said I was asking private questions of the individual account holders and not permitted to know. I said I didn't want names I wanted numbers.
    I also mentioned did they realize that THEY are receiving stolen monies from Fraud? They said they will give me details of everything and but their investigation into this is internal.
    I am going to hound them until they tell me some answers.
    Anyone know how to start up your own VoIP peer-to-peer program?


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