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Skype / costumer service / support

1 United States

Skype is a fantastic service, when it works. Pray that you have no problems because support just does not exist. They copy and past default answers, my guess is that they dont even bother to read your message prior to sending junk back.
Skype is not free, I pay about 40CAN$ every month and expect to get a decent support if needed.

My problem is that SKYPE IN is not working weel when it forwards the call to my mobile (Skype out). And they send solutions on how to test my computer's speakers... what the hell???? Even with my computer off the problem happens, can't blame that one on windows...

Check my message and their reply on top:

Hello Rubens,
> Thank you for contacting Skype Support.
> We apologize for the delayed response. Our goal is to respond to all
> customer e-mails within 72 hours, however due to a recent increase in
> inquiries it has taken longer to respond to you.
> Thank you for your understanding and patience.
> We are concerned to hear that you are experiencing sound quality
> problems while calling with Skype..
> I have compiled a list of different solutions for you that resolve some
> of the more common problems relating to sound issues while calling with
> Skype.
> NB! These steps can be carried out separately and in any order, so if
> you are unable to complete any of them just move on to the next one.
> First of all, can you please test if your microphone is working properly
> in MS Windows. You can do this by going to:
> Start > Program Files > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder and
> make a short recording (make sure there is something to record, your
> voice or music etc.) then play it back. If you can hear what you just
> recorded then everything is working as it should.
> Next, please ensure that the following are up-to-date:
> ? Windows with the latest Service Packs and updates, available from
> ? Device (sound, video, motherboard etc) drivers (those can be found on
> the device manufacturer's website - contact the manufacturer/vendor of
> the device for more information)
> ? DirectX - the main multimedia part of Windows. The newest version can
> be found at:
> Once you have done all of the above it is time to make a test call to
> see if your problems are sorted. Here are the instructions for test
> calls:
> Log in to Skype and search for the username "echo123", the Skype Call
> Testing Service, from the ?Search Contacts? cell and call then follow
> the instructions you hear. At the end of this call the sound issues you
> were experiencing should be resolved.
> You may need to make sound adjustments during this call. If this is the
> case, click on the "headset" icon at the right of the call window to
> open the sound settings. Adjust the settings in the new pop-up window
> till you have the correct device selected in the drop-down box and the
> respective ?slider? starts flashing green, indicating that sound is
> detected and working. You can also access Skype?s sound settings by
> going to Tools > Options > Audio settings.
> .
> Sometimes these problems remain doggedly persistent, in which case go to
> Tools > Options > Audio Settings and uncheck the box ?Let Skype adjust
> my sound device settings?. You may need to restart Skype for this
> settings change to take affect, after which you should repeat the call
> to ?echo123? to see if this has solved your problem.
> If after carrying out all the steps above you are still experiencing
> sound problems, then it is likely that the problem lies within MS
> Windows (or alternative OS) itself. You can find detailed instructions
> for sound improvements in Windows here:
> We hope this has resolved your issues and we greatly appreciate your
> patience and understanding regarding this matter. Should you need any
> further assistance or have additional questions please do not hesitate
> to contact us again.
> Thank you for choosing Skype to call the world.
> Best regards,
> Oliver - Skype Support
> Skype Customer Support
> Visit for latest news, updates and tips.
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> Name: rubelfort
> Skype Name: rubenelfort
> E-mail:
> Topic: Technical
> Subtopic: Other
> Subject: Skype in problems - 3rd request for support
> Message:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have sent 2 messages in the past and got no help. This is VERY BAD
> My skype in / skype out is not working. I have a number in Brazil and
> for about 2 weeks now when people call me the call does not work. I see
> the incoming call on my computer, then my mobile rings (the call is
> forwarded) but I cant hear and people in Brazil cant hear me. It takes a
> few calls to complete.
> Last time I asked for support you asked for detailed time when the
> errors occurred and despite sending the information got no answer from
> you. Skype support is very bad, you should improve it.
> My skype in number 55 11 37xx-4695
> Las call detail:
> [1:23:19 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:21 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:23:28 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:30 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:23:48 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:50 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:24:26 PM] rubens belfort: Call again, skype is not working well
> [1:25:04 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:25:06 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:25:21 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:25:23 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:25:36 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***

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