SkyNet / terrible courier service and customer service

sungai buloh, Malaysia
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First, customer service is extremely terrible. Even during office hours, there is no person pick up the phone. Although pick up the phone after over 20++ call, they just simply end the end when I'm enquiry the delivery time of my parcel.
Furthermore, they promise to send me the next day before what time what time and I had been waiting all the day at home still don't receive anything. This case happened twice just in 2days. Is the job of customer service just simply make a promise and end the call?
Second, what do your company mean of "express carrier of choice"? Is it really express enough? My very urgent parcel have been staying in your CR6 store for around 5days. For a travel distance less than 20 minutes need to take so many days to travel?
I'm quite curious that skynet is a courier service company or a storage service company.
How could skynet compensate my loss? I'm going to pick my parcel as I really don't believe any promises made by your customer service. Would you repay my delivery charges?


Jan 20, 2018

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