I am really dissatisfied with skynet service.. My grandma give money to the wrong courier driver.. Because we are waiting for two courier company.. One is skynet (Not need to pay) one is gdex (Need to pay).. But my grandma is old and she don't know which one to pay and she give the money 200 to skynet driver.. And the driver never reject the money.. After i know that i call the driver and the phone number i get from internet ([protected]). And the person who answer the call give me another number and i call to the number given.. The person give me another number.. At the end i ask them to give me melaka branch number to contact myself ([protected]) there is no one answer i call for three days.. I am really angry and i went to the office and ask about it.. I saw there is many customer there and i stand there for waiting someone serve me..In 5 minutes one malay girl (Dana) call me "oi, u sudah ada orang serve tak ?" i more angry feel like #### service from skynet ! Do you think that the word that she use to call customer is correct?! What service u provide ? Don't u teach your staff how to greet the customer ?! Then i told her the situation i face.. She said its related to money its very hard to settle !! Do u think if its easy to settle i will go to your office ?! And the second day morning i got the call from her she said your driver had not receive the money and she pass the phone to the driver (Hidir) and he said that he had not receive the money.. He said maybe other courier company driver receive.. But then the day had only one courier company driver send parcel to my house that is skynet !!! After this incident.. I got a conclusion that is skynet service is so bad and the driver is not honest.. Really disappointed to your service !!! Like #### !!!

Jan 14, 2017

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