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Sky Sports / jamie carragher

1 United Kingdom

I am absolutely disgusted to hear that Jamie Carragher has only been suspended till the end of the season with intention to starting 'afresh' next season.

Although a disgusting act, l am delighted the victim had video footage because no doubt Jamie would have denied this act.

He is a man and a father so what example is he setting get him out. Get someone new in, surely there are others who can do his job if not better.
Sky is not a two bit company they should employee people with excellent skill set along with intergrity to represent the Sky name. Sky needs to make an of example of this and show that these celebrities don't make Sky - Sky makes celebrities.

I am sick of these pundits apologising for an 'act of madness' and getting away with it. If this act was commited by an ex black footballer like lan Wright or Thierry Henry they would have been sacked.

When will these pundits learn that their job carries responsibilities.

I am really considering to start a petition to get Jamie out and encourage others to leave Sky - we should not be supporting a business that thinks it's ok for a man to spit on a young girls face and get away with it.

Last time l looked we the subscribers pay for Sky - Sky don't pay us.

Mar 15, 2018

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