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I wanted to write in and make a complaint against David Croft who is the current Sky f1 lead commentator. Myself and my colleagues find him extremely unprofessional with his role. His painfully obvious personal biases are my biggest concern and stand out so much that it's the reason why we are planning to not renew.
I know from many of my friends and colleges they feel the same way and agree with my view on this, though they have never taken the time to write in and express it. I thought it would be be the best thing to do, to write in and get it out there that many fans that I personally know of, do feel this way regarding David Croft.
We have heard news that Sky's new owners are also not happy with him and have a replacement lined up. I'd like to encourage you and let you know we'd be delighted at this move and would happily be buying sky again next year if the that scenario passes.
If this is the wrong channel to express this complaint please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and forward to the right channel.

Mr. Hunt

Oct 04, 2018
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  • Do
      Sep 01, 2019

    I find David Croft's F1 commentary too flighty and breathless. He actually crowds out my own perception of the racing by flapping around and crowing loudly. I must resort to the mute button.
    Mr. Layton

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  • Cr
      Sep 12, 2019

    Isn’t it time that sky got rid of David Croft when I watch the Grand Prix he’s a total motormouth and a gibbering idiot. He just talks rubbish for the sake of talking contradicts what he says if pulled up by another commentator and thinks he’s some fantastic stat man. Most of the stats are rubbish for instance when he quoted how much fuel it would take for a yacht to do a Grand Prix of Monaco the man is a joke also a bully. Why is it he seems to pick on Johnny Herbert about his size or his waist and constantly on at Anthony Davidson about being small he is nothing more than a bully probably was one as well when he was at school why don’t sky wake up got a fantastic team we see less of Ted Kravitz now but seem to hear and see more of the idiot please freshen it up let him just go back to his darts where is surrounded by men of his size not little people that he can abuse. And that’s without his stupid giggling.

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