Skrillunexplained 'merchant service fees' of more than 20 eur on skrill

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I have not been using my Skrill account for a longer period, maybe 2 years and today I decided to log on and check my account balance.
I was surpsrised to see that my balance is 0. I have checked my past transactions and I have noticed that I have been charged with 'Merchant Service Fee' every month since December 28th 2015, up until September 28th 2016 (when I guess I ran out of money on the account and they could not charge me any more). Each of the charges is around 22 EUR except for the last charge on September 28th 2016 when they charged 51 EUR.
Can someone please explain what this happened? I have neither received nor sent money since June 24th 2015.
Please contact me in case you need more details.

Thanks a lot!


Oct 01, 2017
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  • Ma
      Apr 06, 2018

    same for me!

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  • Ma
      Apr 06, 2018

    friend, are you solved in some way?

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  • Ro
      Aug 12, 2018

    same happened to me :
    i have contacted skrill but i heard nothing yet
    did you get a resolution ?

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  • Im
      Aug 15, 2018

    same happened to me total of 22.01 $ has been deducted? can anyone tell how to contact skrill?

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  • Ro
      Aug 27, 2018

    @impisces contact skrill :

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  • Ro
      Aug 24, 2018

    They took 50 euros a month from me until the account was empty, they never notified me of the change either,
    i wrote to them and they said it was merchant service account maintenance fee, i wrote back requesting they refund me, and have heard nothing yet !
    to think that they had the benefit of having a couple of hundred euro in my account and they just took it ! make me very angry ! they are supposed to be regulated under the financial regulator in the UK, which means the recourse for action is the financial regulator watchdog and ombudsman in the UK !

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