Skechers / returns

The Rim, San Antonio, United States

I bought some Skechers (Twinkle Toes?) from JC Penney for my daughter to start the 2011 school year off. One of the shoes has already stopped lighting up and we are only 1 month into the school year. I tried returning them to JC Penney but had no receipt. The manager of the store INSISTED I had to have my credit card (which I promptly shredded when received - I only signed up for the credit card to get the discount). I asked if they could use my driver's license or something to retrieve my card information and they said no. Fine! Went home, called the Corporate office and they insisted they could've used my driver's license #. It's sad JC Penney does not properly train their MANAGERS or they train there managers purposely so customers just give up on returns. NOTE TO SELF (AND TO OTHERS): Make it a point to keep all receipts for at least a year! Then there should be a no hassle return and make you and your family's life easier. Or you could just op to take the loss... Kristi F


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