Skechersboys sneakers x 2

Bought a pair of boys sketchers light ups size 1 Super Z Strip the 3rd week of February 2017. by the third week of March 2017 the sneakers had tears where the bunion of a foot would be. Please see attached picture of green and black sketchers. The shoes cost me $45 plus tax at Kohls department store. Then on April 6, 2017 I bought boys sketchers size 1 and 1/2, different style. Please see the orange and back shoes in photo. Again in a few weeks the shoes had holes thru the first layer of the skin of both shoes.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Liverpool, NYI paid $52 for the second pair of sneaks at Off Broadway Shoe store. In the picture the shoes look quite worn out in part because I aloud my child to wear them during soccer today in a muddy field. They were already too beat up looking for school.
1) I would like to see these shoes better made. Boys sneakers should last at least 6 months, not weeks. 2) It would be nice to get a monetary incentive to purchase your product again. At this time, I am a very disappointed consumer and may never want to give Sketcher another $1.00 of my money.


May 13, 2017

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