Skechers / blais bixford dark brown work boots size 10

Dear Sir,
In April I purchased a pair of sketchers work shoes from sketchers store in Queenstown Maryland at the outlet center. I work in a very light industrial environment and the shoes lasted approximately 4 weeks before they started to come apart at the toes, I took them back to the stores and they replaced them no problem the second pair lasted approximately 8 weeks I took these back also and decided to try work boot instead of the shoe thes appear to be worse than the shoes because they are falling apart on the soles and the toes are also nearly worn through after only 2 months. I am very surprised because I had read the reviews about the work shoes before I bought them and they were all good, could you assist me please.I have the receipt and can provide photos of the existing boots.Thank you


Nov 24, 2017

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