SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Sixt Rent a Carreservation [protected]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I've made a reservation and paid for it on July 24th.

When I arrived the lady on the desk at the right in the reception, said that my reservation was not there and after much insistence from me that she only had a Kia Sorento available. The Kia Sorento, would not resolve my issue because I had a lot of luggage and therefore I was not able to accept it.

This is the second time, that the same Lady has had strange behaviours. Last time, I had an issue with the car, and she said that the Insurance I had paid would take care of the situation and would pay for the invoice; however, nothing happens and I was forced to pay a fine because I believed her and that insurance would take care of it.

Hence, please confirm my story with the Sixt Eindhoven Vestdijk, and return my payment.

Thank you in advance,

Maria A de Lacerda

Jul 29, 2018

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