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Phoenix, AZ, United States
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Booked car over a month in advance Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and nothing in the class was available when we arrived after our 5 hour flight at 9AM. Due to the scope of our trip I upgraded.
1. I declined additional coverage and was charged for it. After numerous emails with Customer service they refunded the monies.
2. On the second day of our trip 180 miles out of Phoenix the gas tank came on as being empty. We had just filled and traveled only 60 miles. In the middle of the dessert. I called in and was told to keep capping off the gas it probably was the gauge they could not bring a car to us. We did that throughout our 6 day trip.
When I returned I asked that the upgrade fee be waived and I just pay original rental agreement fee $795.
Several days latter I was advised by local branch there were no mechanical problems. I requested a copy of the mechanic report and emailed corporate. Corporate advised me the problem was found and the car was repaired.
Regardless they would not adjust my upgrade fee.
Several problems
1. No car available in my class after booking in advance.
2. Added coverage when I did not book it with reservation a month earlier and declined it at desk. Staying I had coverage on my car's insurance
3. Not able to provide a car replacement when mechanical problems were called in, when we were in the middle of the desert during rental.
4. When at the desk for rental the counter person demanded the upgrade car 4 times to SIXT garage. Did they know about problem?
5. Upon returning car I was told the following week the car was checked and had no problems. It wasn't until I pursued it with corporate asking for mehnical report, they advised me car was repaired.
To date I have been credited with additional coverage fee but not the upgrade fee I requested. You think they would wave all the fees given they did not replace a car with mechincal problems and had no concern for safety issues of our travel.
Less than ethical business practices at SIXT Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix.

May 19, 2017

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