Sixtoutrageous damage claims

I'm a US expat, working in the Netherlands. In 2013, I rented a car from Sixt-Amsterdam for 12 months (had to change it a few times, per their rules). I paid them over 13K euros during this period. When I returned one of the cars, they said that I had to pay 500 euros damage because there were scuffs on the bumper. They claim that I signed a form saying I took responsibility for the damage, and I absolutely did not. They sent photos of the scuffs, and there are indeed scuffs. I dispute that I caused the scuffs and that 500 euros is a reasonable damage claim for a scuffed bumper. I have had many email communications with Sixt on this, and they have likely sent this to a collections agency. On another occasion in 2013, I was told that a stone had nicked the hood and I would have to pay for that as well, but I never received paperwork on that. I believe that Sixt uses these outrageous damage claims as an additional revenue stream. Be careful with Sixt . . .

Feb 01, 2015

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