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Sirius XM Radio Inc has to absolutely set the record for being the worst customer service program or record! While attempting to cancel the service after 4 years I was placed on hold for the confirmation of cancellation process. After 40 minutes the line disconnected. After calling in a second time and waiting 20 minutes to get the screener, I was given a "direct, no wait number" [protected]), upon which she hung up. Calling the direct number was only a 25 minute wait (we are up to 1hour 25 minutes) when a barely intelligible voice attempted to give me a free radio and when a supervisor was requested, put me into a dead hold for 40 minutes.

Needless to say, I expect an billing problem and hope that the company goes out of business. I'm confident that the call center must enjoy reviewing the statistics of how long stupid people, like myself, will wait on the phone to talk to somebody that cares (obviously there is nobody in Sirius / XM that does)


  •   Dec 27, 2009

    Try this : go to your Sirius XM profile and change the credit card number, you provided at the time you subscribed.
    Put a fake number. If Sirius Xm try to charge, against your will, they will attempt to collect or have you change to a different card. They will have a live person to talk to. So
    that's your opportunity to tell them you are no longer interested in subscribing to their services. That's what i did and it worked. good luck.
    If that does not work for you, call one of their live talk shows. When you get the screener (they usually screen for the beste callers), tell them you want to talk about something related to that particular talk show. When you get on the air, tell your story LIVE. There will be many listeners. Something else to consider. Goodluck.

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