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Singapore, 18th Jan 2015
Hi Sir or Madam

I want to complaint against SingTel with the breach of my personal mobile number as my registered number that has been registered with SingTel has been used by another person for WeChat messenger for phone and Messages. This is probably not the only app that this person used my registered number for, I am protected by personal data protection act in Singapore which means that my mobile number should not be used by another person for wrong purposes or any third party applications. I am also registered in the Do not call registry for sms, text, phone with the DNC provision under the umbrella of Personal Data Protection Act. I have spoken to the Customer Service Officer and they do not even care about what happens to me as they are a call centre that is located in Malaysia so they do not care to give any solution and they just told me that we can terminate the number and there will be an early termination charge. I have used this phone number under post paid registered plan since 18th Oct 2014.

The Customer Service On Duty Supervisor was so irresponsible and his name is Navin and his customer service representative is from Pakistani, his name is Benson. I think I will bring this case against Singtel for not protecting my personal data and breaching it. I do not feel comfortable using my existing number knowing that another guy can possibly use my number for any apps that we do not know of. Because of this reason, I do not mind to terminate my number and plan and told them I am not responsible for early termination fees, as this termination was not meant for this to happen but happens for the insecurity of another person could be using my number for any wrong purposes especially when phone number is relevant. With this if SingTel would not be responsible I would like to bring this case against SingTel. There has been way too many misconducts that SingTel has done damaged to the customers

I would write in this case to Personal Data Protection Commission to ensure that Singtel do not take this lightly and make sure law and justice is done. I would like PDPC to look into this case and take a mesurement actions against that as I have been breached on my personal data protection and dnc ( for someone to use my number for unknown multiple third party act)

Since the SingTel are not responsible about this I would need to look into this matter lawfully and will need to sue singtel for this case against SingTel

I have the evidence that this number is used by another person on we chat and would ensure that SingTel rectify this issue.

Please assist with this complaint for the next level course of Actions. Thank you.


Seliana +[protected])

Jan 18, 2015

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