Singtelperson name diya from my singtel app messaging platform is wasting my entire god damned 2 hours plus to answer 4-5 questions and contradict herself

-all i want to know is my ###ing actual talktime usage and a few things, she took 2 hours plus just to get to the point, pls sack her, lousy customer officer too longwinded and do not get to the ###ing point!!! i already so frustrated and told her not to waste my time and still keep on talking ### and not answered my question straight to the point!! she asked me nric, mobile no, name for verification purposed and yet i told her that she can check my account is under my father's name and yet she insisted my father have to call back to her or singtel because she said messaging platform does not support outbound call and she said she won't reveal any information due to my father is the registered customer. And guess what?!?! she contradicted herself and reveal the information and tell me the actual talktime usage after 1hour plus of useless ### informations from her that i don't even want to ###ing hear, pls sack her i will die if next time i ever talk to someone like her who is ###ing longwinded and not straightforward to the point and who can't even verify my details even when she asked me and i gaved it to her and she contradict herself revealing information to me when she said won't reveal any information until my father call her but my father is a deliveryman and he is driving and can't call unless singtel ###ing paid for my father's traffic fine and ffs saying things like messaging platform does not support outbound call. Then what the ### you expect me to do?!?! my father is a driver, using phone while driving will get traffic fines of total up to hundreds of dollar, you think is worth this? why can't this stupid longwinded full of ###s officer named diva just checked my account provided the information i gave her. Enough of the ### she keep saying she need to verify my father detail but yet can't she tell someone from singtel to call my father if she can't call since she said messaging platform does not support outbound call. Pls sack her seriously i will die next time if someone can't get straight to the point and answer a few questions that will only take a few minutes to answer, and this ###ing ###TY longwinded officer spout so many ### informations that isn't anything i want to know amd waste my ###ing time 2 hours plus just to answer 4-5 questions and now this report waste my ###ing 1hour plus. Please do something about it, the whole time i'm frustrated and use vulgarities because i already asked her not to waste my time with useless things and she still spout ### across the entire 2 hours and who can tolerate a ###head longwinded officer who talk so many useless ### information and took 2hours just to answer my 4-5 questions which she contradict her saying not to reveal information to me until my father call her but she did reveal, so pls sack her!! worst singtel customer officer i ever seen!!
this is what she said"i do understand your anger there however due to pdpa i'll not allow to reveal any information due to your father is the registered customer we have to verify his detail. " and yet she ###ing contradict herself "once your bill is out your will be able to check the charges for 1688 will be zero dollar, apart from that any exceed talktime if you use the prevailing rate will be charge accordingly. As per you mention above the overall talk time is 348 you have call 1688 approximately 120 minutes if i minus the talk time remaining 288 is you talktime that you have used. "
plus i told her i'm ###ing singtel customer and this is what she lied to me about!! "let me explain if you call the 1688 it will be the normal outgoing call charges will be applicable due to we do not have any free toll number. " saying things like singtel doesn't have tollfree and will be charged normal outgoing charges when she know i'm singtel, you can check i told her i'm under my father who is a singtel customer and even idiot will know that if my father is a singtel customer, that would made sense i'm a singtel customer also if my account is under his name. Just pls ###ing sack her, worst customer service officer purposely waste my ###ing time 2hours plus, not just her some other customer officers in singtel also love to be longwinded and spout ### useless information when all the customers want to know is the answers to the question!!

May 18, 2017

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