Singtel Billing Departmentrude customer service name jasmah bte abu

Called singtel fr the past 2 days dd since 18/12/14 & today dd 19/12/14 @5.45++pm. My call was being transferred from 1 person to another (4person altogether). Lastly i was being served by lady called Jasmah Abu. Her voice tone was yulk and very unpleasant manners. I told her off that ifshe cant tolerate frustrated complaint from customer then its best that she resign from her current job. She's not helping much but make me more stress coz she dont even know how to explain properly. Very very disappointed with Sintel services. Was being charge unnecessarily from 3rd party of $175 & no explanation given.. plus RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER NAME JASMAH ABU.. pls someThing wiTh ur services & ur Customer Service too...

Dec 19, 2014

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