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SingPost / vpost

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I have never encountered more inefficient and incompetent service! The SingPost organisation is a bubbling mess!

Barely 1 week after I made a vconcierge request and payment of more than $1, 500 through vconcierge, my account is suspended without prior knowledge and without reason! To compound matters, my goods have just arrived at the vpostusa address, and are awaiting my payment for shipping before they can be shipped over to me. However, with my account being suspended without reason, I am unable to log into my vpost account and make payment for the shipping!

At first, after speaking to 2 call centre staff at about 2pm on 11 Aug 2011, and after being put on hold for at least half of those conversations, nobody is able to tell me why my account was suspended or how to get it re-activated! And, to make matters worse, a Mr Josh told me to go directly to the Post Office, with my bill reference to make payment. He assured me that he would reflect my annoyance as a feedback to the company and respond to me. Todate, there is no response from that feedback.

When I make my way down to the post office at about 4pm on 11 Aug 2011, the post office counter staff tells me that they need me to produce the actual invoice and even if I do so, the computer system will likely be unable to process payment because payment of vpost shipping charges are supposed to be done online through the customer's account!

Now, isn't that ironic, I can't access my account, which has been suspended by Singpost/Vpost, to make payment, and yet I can't make payment without accessing my account!

After spending more than an hour on the phone with at least another 2 call centre staff, a Ms Donna and Ms Annalyn, at about 5.15pm on 11 Aug 2011, I was told a ridiculous lie, that my account was suspended because it was inactive for more than a year! How can my account be suspended for this reason when I was active on it barely a week ago? I find that incredulous and unbelievable!

I was also told by both Ms Donna and Ms Annalyn that in order to re-activate my account, I'd have to fax in a copy of my NRIC! How is that reasonable, when I didn't need to file a copy of my NRIC to set up the vpost account, but to re-activate it, vpost/singpost now needs a copy of my NRIC? I find that request ridiculous and illegitimate, as it sounds more like a scam!

Then I was promised by Ms Annalyn, whom I understand to be the supervising manager, that she would look into the matter personally, get my account re-activated without me having to send in a copy of my NRIC, and give me a call back by 10am on 12 Aug 2011.

By 12.15pm on 12 Aug 2011, there was no call from Ms Annalyn.

I had to make a call to the call centre again, be put on hold for over 10 minutes, insist that Ms Annalyn be put on the phone, as the staff who answered my call tried to convince me that she was 'unavailable'. At first, the staff informed that Ms Annalyn was supposedly in a meeting. Then, the staff fumbled and said that Ms Annalyn was supposedly engaged on the phone. Now, which excuse was it? Mysteriously, after I was extremely insistent on speaking to Ms Annalyn, she managed to put me through to Ms Annalyn barely after 2 minutes!

Then Ms Annalyn tried to tell me by telling me that she did try to call me in the morning, but could not get through to my phone. This was obviously a lie, as my phone was available the entire morning. I did not get any missed calls, nor was it ever out of range. Then she confessed and said that she was 'going to call me later', but 'was caught up with other work'.

I have been EXTREMELY INCONVENIENCED by the unreasonable suspension, especially since I am in the middle of a shipping transaction in the USA. This is supposedly Singapore's main and longest serving post office, and I find it ridiculous that an organisation that prides itself on being 'efficient' and of 'high quality' would put me through so much trouble! To wit, they are still unable to provide any answer as to why my account was suspended in the first place.

I'd rather buy an air ticket and go to the USA to buy my goods personally instead. It's obviously more trouble to go through the post office in Singapore.

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  • Be
      14th of Aug, 2011
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    Update 14 Aug 2011:

    She then said that she did speak to the IT dept and they were out for lunch at that time and could only get them to re-activate my account after they were back from lunch. She then promised to call me at 1.45 pm that same day.

    At about 1.50pm, Ms Annalyn called and said that she got the IT dept to re-activate my account already. Only after I prodded her as to why my account was suspended in the first place, which, incidentally, led to all these problems, she told me that it was because I didn't answer my phone when SingPost staff tried to verify details on my account as a routine security check.

    Am I supposed to stand by my phone to answer EVERY single phone call? What if I was in the bathroom? Do I have to answer then? There was no registered missed call from SingPost/Vpost as far as I can recall. There was no missed call from singPost/Vpost that left a message for me to call them back either. I've had a couple of missed calls from anonymous callers, so if that was SingPost/Vpost, I couldn't have called them back anyway! How is it reasonable to call a customer for 'security reasons' once or twice, without leaving a way for them to contact you back, and then suspend their account just like that? And how is it reasonable to view an account that just monies transferred into the company from that same account as a 'security threat'? I find it all so ridiculous.

    Is this what I pay the government ministers, with their private-sector equivalent salaries, to provide me with? A third-world worthy post office service? Then what's the point of paying such astronomically high salaries when I don't get private sector answers or service!

    Although Ms Annalyn promised to call me back by 5pm on Friday, 12 Aug 2011, with an answer as to who was responsible for the suspension of my account, I have not gotten a call. Now has anyone in the organisation been able to provide any answer as to who was responsible for my account being suspended in the first place. So much for promises.

    Oh and good luck to those of you that need to get through the call centre, it takes an approximate 10 minutes to even be served by a call centre staff. If you're lucky. It once took me over 16 minutes to get through.

  • Be
      14th of Aug, 2011
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    Thanks redressme!

  • Le
      28th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, I totally agree with your view. I actually think that singpost should get their process/unit/call center etc etc ready before they open for this business again. i am so sick and tired of calling them to chase for my package after paying x, xxx of sky high shipping fee due to the way they measure the size of the box.

  • Vi
      13th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    Really disappointed 1605 call, customer service from India do not understand engish give all rubbish answers

  • Si
      13th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    @vin123456 Hi, vin123456. We are sorry to hear that. Please reach out to us via Facebook/Twitter and PM/DM us your concerns. Thanks.

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