Singapore Post (SingPost)parcel ambassadors moonlighting as loan sharks

SingPost delivered a parcel, which incurred GST.
However, they neglected to inform me during delivery and, instead, sent an email a few days later.

Tried to arrange for someone to collect it but their response time to emails is slow. So after a week, gave up arranging for a parcel ambassador to pick up the payment. I asked if it was possible to pay at the post office (they said yes, but gave copy/paste instructions that were not relevant to my situation, so I was still awaiting clarification).

The past two days however, SingPost sent "parcel ambassadors" anyway, without informing me beforehand.

They told the person answering the door that they were owed "$40, but never pay so long that it might be $400 now".

The "ambassador" never identified himself nor provided an invoice for the payment. He only threatened us by saying the money should be ready when he came back the next day.

Seriously, SingPost?

May 16, 2017

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