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I write to express extreme disappointment about the services provided by singpost. Singpost has lost my local parcel between 2jan 2017-5jan 2017 from my sender "intoxiquette"
My sender has an email providing details on 30 dec 2016 that this same parcel was sent on the 30dec 2016 that same day. It is a regular practice from my sender to send emails for orders being posted out so their customers can take note on the arrival of their goods.
Unfortunately this huge parcel containing my chinese new year dress worth $42.90 has gone missing now.
Also, i have rang singpost twice each call worth 20 minutes of my time with the same person Shuvham answering my call but extremely unhelpful towards my request. I rang on 16jan then received an sms for a missed call attempting to reach me followed by an sms saying " we tried to reach you and trying to investigate and monitor the situation" and i rang the second time 24 jan after more than a week now.

My question to singpost. Have you monitored the situation for over a week now and what is the outcome??

Having answered both my calls I was put on hold several times on and off sounding like he was giving off the script of the company policy reasons, taking down my details but only tried to call back once unsuccesfully reaching me at all. He even attempted the my manager is busy at the moment and put me on hold again when i told him i like yo speak with someone else for help. He kept repeating how this parcel is lost without possible recourse without any hint of actual help or sympathy, the usual when it does not have a tracking number. You mean to say it is a common practice these days for singpost to lose the local mail and parcels the size bigger than your head too? I always thought that singpost was reputable and reliable untill firstly you lost my parcel and how this person repeated like a broken record on how singpost cannot do anything about it because there was lack of a tracking number. Certainly there is a postman delivering to my area is there not?

And also about singpost being unable to find out who is the postman responsible for delivering this area. Really? Certainly, singpost is able to question and investigate with the postman on duty within my area between 2jan to 5 jan correct? After a week of waiting, did singpost decide to ignore whoever loses their parcels and cannot be bothered to call back while you sms everyone with a massive collective "we are investigating the situation" message?? The parcel is also large enough to go missing since it is able to fit into my postbox as this it not the first time i have ordered from this dress provider who is the sender. Maybe the postman mistakenly place it in someone else's postbox? Has anyone even bothered to find out?

Seriously, your members of staff and postman especially since this is a service industry should have better equiped skills toward service quality when answering phonecalls and mass smsing solutions in situations like this than someone who sounds like he is reading off the script on a company policy.

I am extremely unhappy with singpost. My sender has at least been able to check and notify me constantly if there had been retrieval of this item up till now. But certainly not singpost. Despite me calling and waiting on line for repeated non solution replies.
Now, not only do i not have a chinese new year dress as the dress provider has sold out the sizes for that dress. I have also lost $42.90 i must say, this is an utterly disgrace for singpost for such poor conduct and intergrity.

Jan 23, 2017
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  • Er
      Mar 26, 2018

    I am facing the same problem right now. Within 30 minutes of Singpost's delivery update that a Lazada package has been left in the letterbox, I went to check but it was empty.

    The customer service consultant gave me a template reply that their system indicated that the parcel has been delivered, but made no allowance that it could have been delivered to a wrong address, or that it could be a mistake and there was in fact no delivery, or even that their staff had pilfered the parcel.

    Any suggestions on what else I can do?

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