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Singapore Airlines refused to give wheel chair assistance to my parents when they landed in Singapore from Delhi on SQ 401, TICKET: SQ/ETKT 618 [protected] FOR JAWAHAR LAL/MR
01 DEC 23:35, , TICKET: SQ/ETKT 618 [protected] FOR SANTOSH KUMARI/MR. My mother who is 64 and diabetic feels breathlessness after she walk few steps, that's one of the reasons I chose to reconfirm wheelchair assistance REQUEST two days prior before my parents flew out of India, I have the prrof of the calls that I made. I was advised that this was already confirmed (during our bookings which we did in September and assistance will be provide from India to Singapore (yes they provided) and Singapore to Adelaide (REFUSED TO PROVIDE). I reconfirmed it three times on the call because I knew that my parents especially my mother who feel breathlessness after walking for few steps.
Now her feet's are swelled and her knees are in a terrible pain. I feel the management of the companies providing the special assistance is to blame, and it reveals the lack of recognition for those who need special assistance, despite the fact that more and more people with disabilities and impairments are travelling - up 66% since 2017.
There was one more old aged parents who argumented for not providing wheel chair and they were told that's it's a VOLUNTEER assistance NOT PAID, bloody hell if we are spending thousands of $s, due to think spending 100 or 200 would make a difference?
FYI, I am still trying to in contact with the other old aged parents because I want to bring that staff member who used the words. I wish he could have clicked his pic or do the recording but we can't expect this from old aged folks. SHAME ON THAT GUY, I AM GONNA BRING HIS FACE ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA.
My objective of this letter is for Singapore Airlines to acknowledge, provide an apology, provide Harassments and provide training to your staff in this regard as you totally failed to deliver wheelchair in Changi airport
If you can't provide wheel chair assistance for 60+, remove the provision of wheelchair assistance as you are not capable of providing it.
As my experience to date with SINGAPORE AIRLINES is the need to continually repeat myself by asking as many people for assistance I will also do this with this letter, until I hear back from someone. For this reason, based on current experiences, I will be circulating this letter through various social media channels, and other aviation related bodies and media that will may be able to assist you in acknowledging receipt of this letter and replying to it.

P.S - Last time when I flew from Singapore To Adelaide, at the time of boarding on Changi airport, your staff was so RUDE that I was feeling like Racism, I wanted to do the recordings but unfortunately I had a kid with me who was feeling sleepy. Train your staff to behave PROPERLY, if they are so tired or annoyed to their jobs, get a new young staff who can atleast talk to the passenger in a polite way. You guys are not doing any favor on us by giving us a seat on your so called airlines, we are doing a favor to choose your airlines.

Sunayna Luthra

Dec 02, 2018

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