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Singapore Airlines / problem with check in procedure!

1 MI, United States Review updated:

Since this is a complaint letter, I am not going to be too polite. Having heard that Singapore airlines is one of the BEST airlines in the world, I decided to fly Singapore airlines direct from Newark to Singapore. It was the most embarrassing and disappointing experience as a SINGAPOREAN to witness the inadequacy of your staff and policy during my check-in.

I booked my ticket quite a while back (probably approximately 3 months) for my trip on Dec 17, 2007. Since then, I lost my credit card and have to get a replacement from the SAME credit card company. I know that I need to have my credit card during check in to verify, thus I brought my new card along. If you are not aware, in USA, people use credit card often and if you have a replacement card, it automatically nullify the canceled card and usually a new card would suffice for verification since my name, social security and many other information can be verified through the bank. However, when I was checking in, I was told to PURCHASE a new ticket since I don't have my canceled card. I was shocked and disgusted by the fact that I have paid for my ticket via and now an incompetent staff of yours wants me to purchase another ticket? I told her that when I check-in online, I was informed that I need to have the credit card that I use to purchase my ticket to check in, in which I did. It NEVER mentioned what I need to do if I have a new card from the SAME credit card company with the SAME statement but different card number. However, as a "courtesy" gesture, she would accept a fax from my credit card company to proof that I owned my canceled card. I was rather upset since what she make me go through was not "courtesy" but just lame and poor customer service. FIRSTLY, the ticket was purchase by me with my name from the same credit card company, thus it is already proof that I purchased the ticket. SECONDLY, I called the credit card company and the person from my credit card company talked to her and informed her that I purchased my air ticket at what day for what amount of money. Credit card company won't allow such confidential information given out without my consent. Luckily, my credit card company agreed to fax my CONFIDENTIAL information to ther staff. With that said, for security reasons, I probably would cancel my current card since my credit card information is probably circulated somewhere around already!

That is not the end. I was asked to sign a document that is obviously grotesquely outdated. It was an "irregularity of travel document". Here are the clause:
" I have to acknowledge that:

1) "Singapore airlines has drawn to the fact that I do not possess a valid visa/travel document to the port of destination/my travel document has expired and/or is not valid for travel/health papers are not in order and has informed me that these irregularities have to be put right before the said travel should be undertaken"
2)I nevertheless appreciating the full consequences, elect to travel as scheduled on the above mentioned flight

AND ..."

I make an addendum to the form I signed above since I do have all my travel documents (Passport/Visa/Green card/E-ticket) except for a nullified Credit card that has a replacement with the same name, same credit card company with the same statement, social security...

Being a world class airlines, I am just upset by what I have to go through and I am very confident that I would not travel SIA in any near future after my return flight and would not even encourage any one I know to do so since I am just so embarrassed by SIA and as a Singaporean, that I don't want anyone, especially friends from USA to be subjected to this kind of incompetency.

Dr. Kok-heng Chong

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  • Bh
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I don't fly with Singapore Airlines even though I am a Singaporean but I think what the staff did was correct. I hated their service actually but in this case they are not in the wrong. I am a frequent flyer with Cathay Pacific and upon receiving the e-ticket, this clause is already included in it that you must produce the same credit card at check-in for verification to confirm that the booking is yours or you'll need to buy a new ticket. I believe all airlines practise the same policy. This is actually for security reasons because the card number you used may be someone else's credit card if you are unable to produce the card with your name and the same number as booked. But since you've managed to contact your credit card company to verify it and Singapore Airlines had accepted it, you should be thankful. They have every right not to entertain such request. Can you imagine if all of the passengers did the same thing? Then I think the flight will be delayed. So I think it is fair on their part.

  • Fr
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I've submitted a retro-claim over 4 months ago, which still hasn't processed into my account yet. All my subsequent email enquiries are not responded at all. Their customer services are rather shocking to me - No efficiency, nonfeasance and total lack of basic etiquette.

    My complaints have been outstanding for quite a few months and still not been attended to yet. I am so regretful of joining Krisflyer at the first place also because it doesn't reward as much as other ones.

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