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Silverleaf Timeshare / Executive Scam

1 Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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I tried to work for Silverleaf in an ethical way but the direction from the top and the pressure they place on you makes any kind of ethical selling impossible. It is impossible to compete with individuals and resorts willing to sell their soul to the devil by cheating, lying and stealing from members. The leaders of this company, David O'Connor, Jeremy Brayfield, & Denny Moore are major con artists that thrive on illegal selling activities. They put on a good show and cover their ### in their memos and paperwork that denounce unethical selling behavior but in private and in everything they teach it is the most unethical sales methods ever imagined. The managers and the reps who are rewarded are the ones who make sales at all costs. There are known felons that have been promoted to Director and other reps and managers who get promotions and are rewarded after flagrant illegal activity. I am convinced that a top producer could do just about anything as long as they sell without any worries about losing their job. To be fair I have seen reps fired but only after numerous illegal activites but these same people were rehired back within months. It was all a show and just a wink of the eye. The leaders of the company allow customers to pay up to $150, 000 for a week that really is listed on the price sheet for $20, 000 ($100 on Ebay). In fact, they celebrate and cheer when they can sucker someone clearly overpays. Jeremy Brayfield thinks nothing of inventing benefits that don't exist and flat out lying to customers about what they own. He is a first class ### hole. He runs meetings like an idiot out of control. He is only in the position he is in because his mom is the president. Even David O'Connor laughs about him and his inadequate abilities. If you ever want to see nepotism at its finest just look at Silverleaf Resorts top management. Here are somethings to remember if you go for a tour. The price they show you is about 5 times what it really sells for. No matter what you own they will find fault with it in order to get you to upgrade or buy more. Finally, everything they tell you is a calculated lie. They are very scripted and have rehearsed exactly how they will con you. Good luck and stay away from this deceptive company.

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  • Sf
      21st of May, 2010
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    Since you worked there, do you know if they truly can harm your credit report? Would love to get out of contract, and have always been honest in business deals, but I'm seriously considering not paying on the loan anymore. I've read that some people have just stopped paying and exeprienced no damaging credit reports. Is this true?

  • Ly
      3rd of Nov, 2011
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    I have recently encountered the same thing. The sales reps tell you one thing and hand you literature that says one thing and then you find out down the road that it says something different in the owner's manual. I am a Diamond club member and they tell you that if you become a diamond member by buying a second week, you will receive many benefits which does not happen. The sales practices are as close to "bait and switch" as you can imagine. I am an owner with everything paid and get almost nothing for my annual dues!!!

  • Ma
      15th of Jul, 2012
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    we just got back from a four hour episode at a silverleaf resort and everybody was so nice and the deal sounded like a no brainer we are a family of seven and the cost of vacation seemed so much cheaper than what we spend normally. But my husband and I left still with kind of that sick feeling in our stomach asking did we do the right thing? Now reading these reviews I feel like maybe we have been conned. Is this really a scam?

  • Al
      28th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    We had the same feeling in our stomach and decided to cancel the next day. Our contract had a three day cancellation clause and we took it. I can't believe how big of a bullet we dodged. I hope someone in my position can read this and realize they can cancel in the first three days. BTW they told us that weekends count as days, I don't know how true that is.
    We went to a pitch in Dec 2011. Very hard sales pitch. I didn't want to buy anything, I didn't want to spend any money, and yet they got me to sign. We were there from 9 am to 2:30 pm without lunch, and without them saying why don't you get something to eat and we'll meet back here. They certainly didn't offer us anything to eat either. It's all part of breaking a person down to the point where they'll do anything to leave. OH and by the way, the whole time your there they will try to convince you that its the only way to vacation and save money. Guess what I can save more money by not going on vacation every year for a week any certainly by not committing to a contract.

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