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Complaints & Reviews

bad customer service

Today I waste my time to go to that place, I drove 2hrs from there, like a result I received a bad...

scam and con

My name is Mike Read, LCDC(Ret), USMC(Ret). I am looking for some Silverleaf Resort, Inc. owners or anyone...


We've been scammed by Silverleaf. They liked to us, manipulated us into buying a timeshare, and now won't book any reservations we want. We're tired of it! So we're working on a court case against them. Join with us to expose them for what they are! Write [protected] It's time we all stopped complaining and did something about them once and for all! NOTE: This is not a message from a law firm. It is a complaint from a private citizen who has been scammed like thousands of others.

  • Si
    Silverleaf Victim Too Jan 31, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Check your inbox I want in

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  • mlreadusmcret Apr 09, 2013

    My name is Mike Read, LCDC(Ret), USMC(Ret). I am looking for some Silverleaf Resort, Inc. owners or anyone who has visited and would be interested in helping my wife and I by sharing your experience with us. I retired from the Marines at the age of 18(TDRL until full retirement in April of 1969). I was shot in the head with an AK-47 on 7Nov1966. I have been wounded several other times in Combat. As a result, I am confined to a wheelchair. I was told by Silverleaf sales personnel in 1993 that I would have no difficulty getting around my unit because some of the units were constructed for all handicapped persons and if there were problems, they would “take care of it”. Each time I complained, a manager would tell us that it(whatever the problem was) would be fixed before my next annual vacation.
    To make a long story short, it has been lie after lie. I had limited access to the shower, toilet, and sink. I had no access to the kitchen, Jacuzzi, and any of the
    amenities’ that non-handicapped people enjoy such as swimming, parking, mini-golf and anything else has been very difficult. For example, for me to get into be requires my wife of 34 years has to bend over and let me put my arm around her shoulder and we move upward(I have limited movement in my legs standing) and literally have to fall into the bed. Getting out was even more of a nightmare. We both finally got fed up after spending thousands of dollars on upgrades until we have a Presidential Suite, (and please don’t think we are rich). We hired an attorney that might be able to help us set this right. We’re not looking for anyone to help with money or get involved in this suit, but we need your name and number to avoid arbitration. This may not even be necessary, but to be on the safe side.
    I have had it with big corporations taking advantage of anyone, much less combat wounded veterans. It’s time Silverleaf paid the price for their hard line “screw you” policy. It’s time for us “little people” to take a stand. I gave up my life for this country, and I think we should be treated fairly, no more, no less! If you are serious, please email me or call the house at (979)-964-3142, my cell at (979)-319-0990. Thank you so much for your help. I’ll supply you with much more information when we talk.

    Mike Read, LCDC(Ret), USMC(Ret)

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  • Ca
    Carol Maske Nov 18, 2014

    I understand. I am 20 YR retired disabled Vet. They say that they have accommodations for the disabled, but they don't. Nor, do they give a damn about you or your disability. Last year I watched a woman in her wheelchair tip over in the driveway of the cabins at Piney Shores, and break her cast - they sent "maintenance" to pick her up and put her back in the chair - that was it. She was supposedly in a handicapped accessible cabin, Yeah, right. I only need a cane, but it wasn't easy getting from a parking spot on a 45 degree angle into my cabin. This year I upgraded to a vacation condo on Galveston Beach. I'm supposed to own a condo for a certain week. This year they informed me that I could not use my condo because I had not contacted them to tell them I was going to use it. WTF? I have the deed to that condo for that period of time and they wouldn't honor it. As far as I'm concerned that is a breach of contract. So, I decided to visit Piney Shores again for Thanksgiving week. I jumped through all the hoops, and they sent me a confirmation number. I called a week before I was scheduled to visit, and they had arbitrarily canceled my reservations, and worse, they didn't even notify me! This was supposed to have been a Thanksgiving treat for me and my Son. This was just plain cruel and evil. They don't even have an excuse. So, I still have a brand new paid for contract and they have not delivered a week of vacation. I'm pretty sure this is breach of contract and I intend to find a contract lawyer who can get my money back and this contract cancelled. Nevertheless, if you are going to pursue a class action suit, count me in!
    [email protected]

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  • naty82 Mar 24, 2015

    I want in we just bought it a few month ago and the unit went from 6000 to 12000 how!!! they said that they spending a lot of money on renovation and that is why... crazy! I stop paying

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  • Pa
    Patricia Marks-Sund Aug 05, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How about a class action

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warning will robinson - danger

Last year we were roped into Silverleaf’s free vacation cruise scam in Galveston, Texas. In essence...

misleading sales practices

In Willowbrook Mall in Houston Texas, there was a very nice car inside the mall, with entries for a chance to...

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Silverleaf Resorts are nothing but a scam that takes your money and lies to sell more. My wife and I own two...

charging camping fees

Purchased a time share with free camping. Silverleaf changed the rules after our purchase and are now being charged for the camping. Some customers are still camping for free!

fraud, breach of contract

Silverleaf Resorts, Inc., has been around for more than a decade. They’ve used a marketing scheme aimed at lower middle class families, promising far more than they ever delivered. They’ve lured people with the promise of “free gifts” to meetings at resorts where they’ve applied a number of tactics, some unethical and some illegal, to persuade families to buy a timeshare property. Unscrupulous salespeople manipulated prices of timeshares to convince buyers they were getting a “good deal.” They sold deeds in “blue” and “white” zones at “great prices” explaining to prospective owners that the time could be exchanged with RCI for better locations and times, and promising buyers they would be able to upgrade when they’d paid off their blue or white deed. Upgrades meant applying the full value of their deed as down payment to a *red” deed and/or a different location to give them better access and benefits.† An upgrade carried with it all the benefits and perks it held originally, many of which are no longer offered but are guaranteed within the deeds themselves. The “ultimate” upgrade they promised was for “Presidents Club” deeds offering even more perks and exclusivity. Timeshares were sold not only as recreational and vacation opportunities but as investments which could be passed down to children, etc., as any property can be passed on.

Up until 2011 Silverleaf properties were of marginally equal value to the money paid. This is especially true for “blue” and “white” deeds. Benefits of ownership, including unfettered access to resorts any time of year without cost and free access to RV/Campsites, enhanced the value of timeshares. The promise that a timeshare could be upgraded added value. The option of swapping time with RCI was possible. Finally, the timeshare was owned, not leased. Thus, in spite of its marketing and sales practices, Silverleaf in general balanced costs with value. This is no longer the case.

The sale by stockholders of Silverleaf Resorts Inc. to Cerberus Capital Management, LP was an abandonment of owners and a slap in their face. In spite of how Silverleaf seduced and manipulated families to buy properties they could barely afford in the first place, before Cerberus came into the picture Silverleaf did honor the promises of free access to resorts and RV/Camping sites. Customer service at resorts was courteous, at least. There was no attempt to gouge owners out of additional money via usury prices and fees. And the promised option to upgrade remained intact. With Cerberus came a ruthless determination to milk profits from owners by charging for services guaranteed to be free. They now charge fees for access to resorts. Silverleaf has reneged on the promise that deeds could be upgraded. Prices charged by vendors have been inflated. Moreover, the very nature and practices of Cerberus Capital Management, LP, in the past places the viability and value of deeds, especially blue or white deeds and those at “getaway” resorts, at extreme risk.

Silverleaf now caters to higher income, upper class owners and buyers at the exclusion of people who were once its primary market. It has chosen to focus on the wishes of upper class owners rather than the average families, many of them minorities, who hold thousands of blue and white deeds and/or deeds at “Getaway” resorts. Fees and limitations are not only a source of additional income for profit-hungry Silverleaf/Cerberus but a not-so-subtle means of excluding certain populations by making their day visits unaffordable and the value of the deed not worth the payments being made. Thus Silverleaf/Cerberus is actively involved in deliberate racial and class discrimination against its those who own timeshares with the company.

Silverleaf/Cerberus has begun to promote their “Diamond Club” program with gusto, an effort to sell a second unit to owners who hold one already. Stirred into their sales pitch is a “Plus Plus Program” which is a package of benefits that should be free and are included in many older deeds already for an additional and exceptionally high price. Many, if not most, of the timeshares they are trying to sell as second units are repossessions. In other words, their lower income owners, the ones they suckered into buying more than they could afford, are now defaulting and loosing their entire investments. Those deeds are being stripped of their original benefits and turned back into this “Diamond Club” push which sells those benefits as an added bonus for more money! The target market for this “Diamond Club” program is owners of higher income strata. This is another indication that Silverleaf is moving towards becoming a playground of the elite even as it walks upon the backs of those who made it what it is.

There are indications that Silverleaf/Cerberus will end sales of timeshares altogether within a year or two, opting for leases instead. If such is the case then the question of what happens to owned units comes into play. Will Silverleaf/Cerberus continue to push out lower income/minority families using fees, charges and etc., so the units they default on can be leased? This seems likely.

Then there’s the question of which properties will Silverleaf/Cerberus hold valuable and which ones are likely to go on the chopping block. Silverleaf/Cerberus is in the process of adding properties in high volume destinations such as Las Vegas and the Wisconsin Dells. The focus is, yet again, upon high volume, high price for wealthy owners (and leasers). Resorts classed as “getaway” are in remote locations unlikely to draw the crowds or the type of ownership Silverleaf appears to be focusing upon. How soon before owners of timeshares at a “getaway” resort find themselves holding a property being sold off? And what happens to those deeds then?

The fact is that owners of Silverleaf timeshares who are not wealthy are getting royally screwed. The line dividing happy owners with those who feel insulted and defrauded is clear. Which side of this line owners fall upon is mostly determined by the owner’s bank acount. It’s not a new story but it’s a growing trend in America. Silverleaf has gone the way of most companies, joining the ranks of rich corporations opting for profit to the exclusion of honest, working Americans upon whose backs Silverleaf was built. It’s unfair, to say the least. But it’s more than that. The change of ownership and policies make Silverleaf a sham and a fraud. It places Silverleaf in breach of contract with owners. And it makes Silverleaf and its management liable for losses owners have incurred due to Silverleaf’s callous disregard for their rights as owners.

This blog exists to encourage owners and those who have lost property to Silverleaf collections not to walk away but to join in a voice of one to protest, to inform the public, to demand redress, and to seek restitution. We, the “bread and butter” of Silverleaf’s existence, should not fade away into the night with the bootprints of Silverleaf management upon our back. We should take our stand. We should demand our voice be heard. Otherwise we may as well burn not only our deeds but the Constitution itself because we will be surrendering our rights as citizens to corporate monsters such as Silverleaf/Cerberus has become as far too many Americans have done already.

cruise scam

After listening to a time-share sales presentation for 2 hours, we were promised a
4- night cruise through spirit incentives. We registered, we sent a $100 deposit.
Now they say our time has expired and silverleaf resorts is not responsible.

silverleaf disrespects combat wounded

In an effort to be brief, I will make this as short as possible. This problem has been ongoing for 19-20...

untrustworthy customer service and collections

My wife and I signed up for a time share without looking over the companies reputation first. We have been paying for over four years, but we were told that we still owed almost the entire amount. Payments were on time and last year my wife was laid off. We stayed in touch with Silverleaf to explain the situation and made arrangements. After we completed the payment arrangements we were still struggling and had to miss a payment. They started calling all our references under false pretenses and telling them we owed them money. When I called them to confront them after they called my cousin who was right next to me (I heard the conversation) the rep denied it (was the same rep). We asked for a copy of our agreement and payment history to be sent to us and they would not do it. It took two months and the reps kept saying we have not made any payments and we should have kept our original copy of the agreement. We did, but wanted to see if they changed the amount on the agreement as this had happened to others when we researched complaints. They finally sent it after two months.
I then talked to someone in collections who insisted I make payment arrangements above what we were able. My wife was still not working, but we agreed on an amount that I stated was still too high, but we are trying to fulfill our obligations. This was set to draft from our account and when the first draft came, it was the full amount and not the reduced amount according to our agreement. This overdrafted our account and caused two NSF fees. When my wife called Silverleaf, they denied any wrong doing. The bank told us we had to get a new account. This situation caused us to be late paying other bills and everything connected with that account had to be transferred which took almost two months to get straight. I called Silverleaf and told them what happened and the rep had no knowledge of the arrangement. She then went and talked to the manager who said there was an arrangement for three months. I said no, I have it written, that you said six months. He confirmed my statement and they later refunded our money, but we were still dealing with the issues with our account being changed. Soon we had three unexpected deaths in our family in a month and we used all of our money on funerals (we didn't have much to begin with). It's been a couple of months since we talked to Silverleaf and when I tried to update them about what's going on and make a payment (thirty dollars more than our agreed amount), but would not agree to have my account drafted because of the last incident, they refused my payment and said our property will go into foreclosure.
This company is untrustworthy and has no standards when dealing with customers handling your finances or accountability. Out of ten people we spoke to, only two treated us like people and that is the only reason we were able to talk to someone to get our money back.

  • Wi
    Willie Martin Apr 02, 2012

    Spent three days of the five guarranteed to stay left and came back after having boat trouble on the lake. I wanted to used the remaining days I had paid for but no one could help me. I was out the door. The following week they called wanting me to upgrade. I don't think they have a clue who their customers are.

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  • Wi
    Willie Martin Apr 02, 2012

    Spring Break was nice had a couple of issues with my boat. Had to leave and go back to FT Worth from Lake Palestine Lake of the Woods to get repairs done. Came back to Palestine having two days of my stay that I had paid for but no one could help me I slept in my truck at the Marina. The following week a customer representative called me wanting me to upgrade. I don't think they have a clue what customer service is. If Silverleaf is being too greedy then that could be the reason why the reservation department talks to customers like they are stressed. It is not like a customer service line. Don't call unless you want to upgrade.

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  • En
    ensuritygroup Jun 22, 2012

    They lie to you when they tell you you can use Bonus time, you never get it because they are over sold, over booked and care less about customers

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  • 00
    0009 Sep 24, 2015

    This is the exact same thing I've been going through for years. For the last 6 months I've been dealing with issues about me not keeping payment arrangements. Every time its time to make my last payment they claim I defaulted and they won't remove all the excessive fees that have built up. Customer service reps are awful, rude, and verbally abusive. I hate talking to them because you want get any issues solved. Every 5 or 6 months they give the option of making several payments, that will rid me of all of the fees that have mysteriously appeared. All the while my timeshare has been paid for n full.

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abuse, high pressure sales

I went to on a Tour which Ended up being a Tour Into HELL. It was so interesting to me that the Sales folk...

do not buy!

I used to work for this company and even made it to management. all i can say is watch out. most of the people there are on drugs, (coke, weed, meth, x-tacy, pain killers, etc), espeically the ones you talk to over the phone when they set you up for an appts. i know this because i bought and sold “candy” to upper managment and my employees. what is funny they just drugged tested all their managers a month ago and 22 of them at the north richland hills center came up dilluted(which means they are hiding their drug usage), , , while 2 others were fired(pain killers and weed). yes this includes divisonals, managers, assistants, and verifiers of running the 2 call centers in arlington and north richland hills. managers of the teams are under enormous amounts of pressure and have their jobs threatened everyday, same with the operators. this is a very unhealthy place to work for and do business with. the company gives away a trip with airfare and hotel rooms, , , but most people dont know they have to travel tues-thurs, , , and have to put down a $100 dollar deposit. and they have to schedule very far out. plus their is so many rescrictions on dates that one may travel, which makes this trip bs. then they get 1 of 4 major prizes, , which always ends up being the exotic island trip, , (there is no airfare with this one). be aware if you go to one of their presentations Do Not Buy!! you will have to pay maintence fees every year(which usually go up), and you will never use the place, , and look at the resorts, , i have no clue where those fees go, , the resorts look like crap..i have been. please do this yourself a favor and stay away from these drug addicted money hungary monsters….i left because of the drug activity(yes they would do drugs in the bathroom and sell them on the floor) and the guilt i had of leading people into silverleaf's lion den..the sales people are worse than the operators, , , heavy pressure sales(they dont take no for an answer, , even if you said it 20 times), , but of course we tell customers, , no of course its not a high pressured sales

getting rid of timeshare

I have 2 weeks that I have owned for about 3 years now, but never used. I've tried to sell them, and no one is interested. I need to get rid of them! I'm tempted to just stop paying until they foreclose, but then i also read that you can just give them back to silverleaf. Does anyone have suggestions on what has worked for them?

unauthorized credit check

The entry on my credit report didn't even have a phone number for "Silverleaf Resorts." I have never contacted this company in any way and I am very upset to see their credit inquiry on my report!

Everything on the web about them is negative and suggests that they are unethical (and I agree.) Their illicit inquiry was actually listed under items that negatively effect my score.

They're very clever not to include a phone number as it would never stop ringing with irate persons. I WILL make contact with them and get this straight!

  • Du
    dulabob Apr 16, 2012

    Did you ever get ahold of someone with Silverleaf? I unfortunately bought into them in 2000 and it has been a nonstop nightmare. Here is a number for their corporate office, hope you give 'em hell! 888-476-0991

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avoid at any cost guys

Ok so there are a lot of complaints on these people on this website yet nothing in the BBB about them. We bought a red week timeshare with unlimited bonus time at The Villages in Flint Texas. It was clarified to us that we would really own a specific unit and they gave us a number. We went the first time and were not capable to have "our" unit that they showed us and was given one on the 2nd floor of a three tale building. It was loud and people everywhere. We went in to our condo and the carpet had burns from the kitchen to the back patio, the kitchen counter was burned also. We complained and was told that they were full and we could not be went. We chose to try to have fun anyway so we went to the water park. It was a joke! So many locals that we couldnt even sit down anywhere. we left after 30 mins and all that CASH. We went to the club house and attempted to play miniture golf, tennis, basketball and were unable to because all the equipment was out. went to the game room and the floor was soaking wet with fans blowing from a leak and it smelled horrible. We went back to our room and found that the party down stairs was in full force with a fish cooker going and numerous people drinking and having a excellent ol time. We went to bed and listened to that and the toilet run all night!! We wanted out!!! we left the weekend early and called the subsequent Monday to get a refund. We were told it was too late. We have suffered through all of this for a year. We were told we could use any silverleaf resort across the country so we attempted to go to Galvaston. We were told were could not use any resort only the five in our immediate area. All of this is so frustrating to me and I am going to hire an attorny tomorrow. Everything they said was a lie and a joke!! I have stopped paying maintence fees.

I had a long talk about all of this with a person at the corporate offices in Dallas. She was rude and degrading to me and said that she would comp us a room ect. I told her we can go anytime we want for free because we have bonus time. She had no answers. I demanded our CASH back and she stated she would pull our file and look to see if any mistakes were made at the time of buy but that she could not promise anything. She then said "I will call you tomorrow because its 10 til 5 and I get off at 5!"

Please file a complaint with the superior business bureau on these people that is the only way anyone will find out about the scam that goes on there.

I told the women that I would go out to the resort on the sales day and picket and tell everyone there it was a scam and she stated that she would not stand for threats! I told er it was not a threat. She hung up on me!!!

What ever happened to customer service.

Did I mention that when you sign in people were getting all kinds of gifts and when I questioned about it they siad thats only for the presidential owners!!! really!

  • Sf
    sfisher50 May 04, 2012

    There are over 400 complaints about this company with the BBB, their grade is a "C".

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  • Sh
    Shellsponies May 15, 2012

    The BBB is a JOKE. You get good ratings if you pay their fee, no matter how bad the business is. Bad ratings if the business isn't a member. i know this from experience I'm a business owner. They call constantly me to become a member. We have no complaints and no rating. If you have a major complaint with one of their high paying client, forget it. As for Silverleaf I have owned for 9 years and have been very happy, you have to know how to buy and use it. Don't buy from Silveleaf. A red week Presidential is the only way to go. Maybe I deal with different people but I have always been treated well. The staff is always friendly. We use our bonus time at least once a month usually 2 times a month with no cost.

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  • Du
    Duc Pham Aug 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oaks N Spruce sales team are a team of liars, they deliberately lied in our face to get us to buy one of the white odd week timeshare. They did not know how to take no for an answer, the whole time they were hiding information and rushing us to buy something. We asked them that we what to save so they offer us a odd or even year choice of purchase and ensure us that on the off year we will only pay 199$ through RCI to buy extra vacation week. After further research through RCI, they have no such offer and is a total bogus. We hate these people and will try and get a lawyer to sue the living hell out of them. WE WANT OUR REFUND SILVERLEAF!!! You can't make a living lying to innocent people, we have kids and family to feed too you know.

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I regret the day I signed the note.I would like to express how Silverleaf has managed to basically strip my family of thousands of dollars. I have to admit that it was partly my fault for letting this people "suck me in" into buying one of their properties. I should've taken the time to think things thru, but that's just it, once you're in the closing booth, you don't have a chance against their very well put together sales pitch that they use to confuse even the smartest buyer.At first I was really reluctant to sign, but i was reassured by smiling faces and sound explanations that there was nothing to worry about. I thought I asked all the right questions [or so I thought]. So, It all started when we received a letter in the mail saying
that we won won a free vacation of 1 of three presents including a brand new car. They say all you need to do is come for a free 1.5 hour presentation on their resort. They also promise a $40 gas card from Spirit Incentives. These guys are a total scam. The presentation is a high pressure sales job preying on what appeared to be uninformed and unprepared families. Feeling pressured by this "army" of sales people that kept coming to the desk, we finally cave in. Just 24 hours after we signed the documents we drove back to the office, and asked to talk to the sales rep that sold us the package, after waiting for 3 hours this person finally showed up. After we told him that we wanted to cancel the whole thing, he told us that that wasn't an option, and the only thing we could do for us was to downgrade the initial package he had offer us. Its been almost one year and I was only able to use the resort dozens of times, all the times for only a couple of nights with the bonus time. but i could call the update department and get a weekend anytime as long as i go to anther meeting and the waiting is longier then 90 minutes. In order to use some of the amenities inside the resorts we are asked to pay extra. another thing they forgot to mention during the sales presentation. I want out of the resort, I don't use it & I don't want to use it. I will also tell everyone I know to never own at Silverleaf Resorts unless they will take back this deed for the trouble and money I have lost. Even when i haved stayed there other people told me they hait it they use it because they are paying on it.

sales reps are treated worse than rats!

I worked for Seaside in Galveston. I actually moved out to Galveston to be close to my job. I started selling write away, then all the sudden put on the back burner. I tried more training which I pissed off the Favourite girl who lied to the director and then he wouldn't put me out at all hardly. This led me to fall far behind on draw, which I had know idea. You don't find out about any money until you have been there for a few weeks wondering where it is. We were told not to say a word to new reps or they would take the redeye.

Finally one of the others needed help and I offered to drive them if I was allowed to go back out and sell. Well since then I started selling all the time and was put in the power group.

Guess what I lost my job because I had to go to court for a couple of hours on my regular scheduled day to work. I was told if I went I would be fired. Here I was with a fever and never had taken off sick and if I didn't show would be in contempt of court and arrested.

Then they added a day, well I was in school. Hmmm some others are also in school and get to come in at 12. You know what people? We aren't allowed breaks. The HR lady would come into the bathroom while I was on the potty telling me to take another tour, while some of the guys hid so they could protect their bonus's. I sold enough in two months that I was denied my bonus because I was forced to take other reps tours.

One day I couldn't breath or catch my breath as the HR lady jumped my case and demanded I go out and take another tour. Here I was gasping for air, hadn't had a break, and crying because I wasn't sure I was having a heart attack as I was verbally accosted further by this women and then forced to leave. Here I sat in the car crying because I couldn't breath or drive for over an hour. One of my friends kept me on the phone and convinced me to try and drive until I got home. My blood pressure was 179/113. Now you tell me if anyone deserves to be treated like this!

Even with some of the BS I always picked my tours up with a smile and was energetic. My people loved me as I over heard others saying I wish I had her.

You know what else? Some of my TO's were giving my sales to the VC councelors because they weren't making any money. Are you kidding me? All the time this happened as a matter of fact one tour said yes as her family was split up on tours. Well my TO excused me off my table and tried to give my sale to the new girl|. How do you like them apples|. You know I would have split the commission to be fair had he not tried to screw me over?.

Now I believed in the program, but knew nothing of the downfalls, so on a personal not I hope all my people were satified because I wasn't there long enough to know anything shabby from the financial part!.

Well to my disbelieve the director really let me down|. He fired me because I wssn't going to be there at a time when I really needed the support, then he lied to the unemployement people about my character, and other things.. Rudy you know what I never said one bad thing about you even after you fired me.. I was a good employee and I believed in you.

  • Ca
    Cali3846 Jun 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are absolutely right, I want to start a lawsuit for that exact reason. Would you be interested in assisting us? [email protected] is my e mail

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timeshare ownership

I had a time getting rid of my Silver Leaf timeshare week. I was frustrated at the rising fees and no one
Is buying them for close to what they are worth and I’m spending too much trying to get rid of it. So I
Was reading on and there was a post from a girl at a Company and they were taking
Silver Leaf timeshare weeks and can have them out of your name in six weeks and you pay nothing
Out of pocket and get a tax donation write-off in addition (so it’s like selling- get money back)-
Well I’m a skeptical person but I figured I should give it a try so I emailed the girl in the ad/comment-
Nanette and she mailed me a small welcome packet of information on donation and I faxed in
Information and sure enough the week was out of my name in six weeks and I had a $5000.00 tax
Donation to file with my taxes. They were honest courteous and reliable so I wanted to let everyone
Know. (And also wanted to help Nanette she was wonderful.) Good luck getting rid of your Silver Leaf.
Go to www. trejesto. Com and fill out donation form –please put Nanette in referral – she’s a big help.

are they legit

They offered me a trip to Lee Mass about time shres.The prizes they offer is funny because they claim i will...