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On Saturday 06/09/2018 I was in the area of the store near Getty Square Yonkers @ about 5pm so I decided to stop in and pick up a few things. I picked up 20 items and inadvertently go on the 15 items of less items register 5. Now the reason it was 20 items was because I had picked up 4 different flavors of Ice cream. When i was placing my items the cashier said that the line was for 15 items or less and it would not be fair to anyone on line. I looked behind me and there was only one person. I offered the person to go ahead of me and the kind lady said it was alright. The cashier very rudely would not take care of me and insisted that it would not be fare to anyone. Instead of leaving my cart and walking out of the store. I placed my items back in my cart and moved to another line. That is why I dont usually shop at Shoprite and much prefer shopping at Stop and Shop. Shoprite hires young kids that have no service experience.

Jun 10, 2018
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  • Si
      Aug 27, 2018

    Hello .. My name is Sisanda.
    last week Wednesday i went to shoprite main street to get few items for my kid. i stood on the line for more than 10 mins.and when i finally got to the till a Girl By the name Sinazo on the basket tills refused to serve me, she folded her arms and started giving me attitude. then she ask me, cant you count or cant you see this is a basket line. tyoo was very shocked, then when i asked her to talk in good manner with me me, she went on mxxm mxxm. and continued to fold her arms until one colored lady which i think is a supervisor came and assisted me her self, cause Sinazo the till operator was starting to throw the goods into the plastic she was now forced to help me.
    i have always known shoprite for bad service but that one was the first and the last . if This Sinazo girl would not even obey her superiors then, then she ill continue to paint bad Shoprites Name . Shoprite is a very well known retail .. and does not need bad reviews like this. am disappointed and very sad .. and would highly appreciate if you could do a follow up on this matter.
    my email is [protected]

    thank you

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