Shopritemr john groblar employee head salesman

My son applied for a job at shoprite in 2015 his still attending school he was 16, since then mrs Busby has left as manager of store.This Mr Groblar constantly thretens and go's on with my son oh his lazy he'll give my son's sap number to someone who can work in the week.My sin was only saposaed to work on weekends and holidays.His now got a problem with that, my son is in grade 11 at the moment yesaterday my son was sapose to start at 2pm that's when the school comes out, he mr groblar tells my son u late so my son said but u know I'm in school yes I know he replied I'm gana give ur sap number to someone else who can work in the week.This is not how shoprite should treat kids trying to gain experiance I mean after all how many kids today are getting jobs and still going to school.His forever on my son's case, my son worked friday and came home in tears about this man being constantly on hisa case, this isa unexceptable really and I'm hopeing something gets done about this Mr john Groblar, my son is now so in a state he said his not going back to shoprite, my husband phoned Mr Groblar today told him does he not want my son to work there and why threten him all the time, his reply my son is lazy my son is not lazy he go's to school and still go work on weekends and holidays.when I've shoped there I've always seen my son busy packing or showing a customer something they looking for.I and my husband are not happy and I demand something be done.Mr Groblar told my husband we must come in so we can talk.All he wants to do is bad mouth my son coz for some reason his just picking on my son who is a schollar no one else.I've had it now, I'm not leaving it here something must be done u can't treat ur workers in this manner at a work place.My son is a good boy good grades he does not smoke and has never been in any trouble, I can't sit by and watch my son cry bitterly how his being treated anymore.My name is Tracy Minnaar my son is Ridhwaan Minnaar. Would also like to say my son got a written warning in last year not a verbal a written warning coz he did not pitch up on xmas day, we went to family that we have not seen in years.Still that written warning don't make my son a bad child.

Mar 05, 2016

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