Shoprite in Sea Point / dirty store, disrespectful staff

South Africa

I am a regular customer at Shoprite in Sea Point, unfortunately it is the closest grocery store to my work. My complaint is firstly that the store is filthy, I have watched them mop the floors with a dirty mop and no bucket on various occasions, I have noticed cockroaches at the tills and at the section where they sell the fried chicken, there are always flies around the food section and I noticed that they have a certificate on the wall as proof that their cooking equipment / section has been professionally cleaned - in 2009! Are they supposed to clean it once every three years? Shouldnt it be done more regularly for hygienic reasons? Once I bought overspiced chicken there and was told by a colleague that it smells funny, after I had already consumed half of it. Upon closer inspection I had to agree that it does smell funny, asif it was expired already and I threw the rest away. Another time I bought cake and when I got to work and wanted to eat it, the cake was hard. I took it back and they apologised and refunded me. Yet another time I bought a milk tart for my birthday, to treat my colleagues and after already eating a slice, one of my colleagues alerted me to the fact that there is fungi growing on the milktart. I am considering lodging a complaint to the health department if that will get them to shape up that store. The staff, especially the cashiers and packers at the tills have complete disregard for customers and sometimes have lengthy personal conversations with each other while taking their sweet time to assist the client. I once even witnessed an argument between a cashier and her packer where they insulted each other in fornt of me while they were assisting me. I have also noticed that these same staff members discuss and insult management within full hearing of a customer, sometimes even with the manager or supervisor present and not saying anything to reprimand them. All in all, not a pleasant experience to shop there. A disgrace, considering Sea Point is one of the main tourism destinations in Cape Town. Is this what we expose our visitor's to?


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