Shoprite Holdingscash back request

Manager on Duty Mr E Roos
Cashier Raymonde
I get to the till requesting cash as well as my goods she says to me.there's no cash I say so what should I do there are 2 tills open and I already waited 30 minutes in this line she says nothing and goes on scanning my goods when.I needs to pay I ask what to do about the cash she says and does nothing I ask another worker walking pass if she could assist she then suggests I go to the Kiosk draw the cash and and then pay for the good by now the costumers are so annoyed as they are all waiting so long . The cashier at the Kiosk then advises me that my bank is offline FNB . I now am so confused I'm not sure what to do I ask if there is a manager in store to assist with the situation one of the three ladies by the Kiosk then decides to go get a manager. The initial cashier that helped me Raymonde is now smoking me with the other costumers in the line shaking her head and laughing. The manager eventually comes and saved my transaction so I could go try another till it eventually works. Had it not been so late I would of left the good and left to Pick n Pay hyper where I'm sure I would of received a better service.
The Manager never apologised once for the inconvenience caused or as a matter of fact said one word to me.
I have never been so humiliating.
Be assured I will Wright to the papers and contact as much radio stations as I can to get this putrid Shiprite Service out .

Sep 21, 2017

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