Shoprite Fox Street / home delivery order not complete

5009 copley rd, Philadelphia, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-215-843-8783

Shoprite corporate office address: 160 silas deane highway, wethersfieldct, 06109fax:phone: [protected] detail of order number: [protected] placed 4/22/2014 7:47:32 am estdelivered 5pmitems orderedsku brand/product name price qty product totals073410163320 arnold rolls - select hot dog $2.50 3 $6.[protected] arnold rolls - select sandwich with sesame seeds $2.50 3 $6.[protected] hershey's dark chocolate kisses - special dark $3.69 2 $7.[protected] hershey's peanut butter cups - dark chocolate $3.69 2 $7.[protected] lipton iced tea mix - lemon $6.99 1 $6.[protected] pampa lemon juice from concentrate $1.00 2 $2.[protected] seltzer lebanon bologna $5.99 1 $2.[protected] shoprite orange juice $2.99 5 $14.[protected] shoprite frozen orange juice concentrate - some pulp $2.69 15 $40.[protected] shoprite turkey $6.99 1 $2.[protected] shoprite american cheese $4.49 1 $2.[protected] turkey hill ice cream - premium chocolate peanut butter cup $3.29 2 $5.[protected] utz potato chips - sour cream & onion $2.99 8 $23.92 product total: $127.14sales tax: $0.00delivery charge: $15.95 order total: $143.09shoprite american cheesesubtotal: $13.47click for product details. lb 3.00 @ $4.49 only rec'd 0.50 lbseltzer lebanon bolognasubtotal: $14.98click for product details. lb 2.50 @ $5.99 only rec'd 0.41 lbshoprite turkeysubtotal: $17.48click for product details. lb 2.50 @ $6.99 only rec'd 0.29 lbhershey's peanut butter cups - dark chocolate $3.69 2 $7.38 only rec'd 1 bagthis is my sixth time ordering home delivery. i am disabled, and homebound. sincei can no longer volunteer my physcial time, I now donate a free lunch day to a homeless shelter, once or twicea month. I placed my most recent order on 4/22/14, at 730am, it was delivered at 515pm, that same day. the shelterpicked it up from my home at 8pm. the shelter called me at 9pm, and told me that there was hardly any lunchmeat or cheese, and 1 bag of peanut butter cups was missing. I called the fox street shoprite at 915pm, and I told the person who answered [protected], that I had ordered 8lbs from the deli dept. , and had only recieved 1.20lbs. I told her I needed it for a homeless luncheon the following day. she was very sorry, and told me that becauseit was the stores fault, it would befree, there would be no charge for the meat and cheese that was not delivered, and no delivery charge, since I had already paid that. and the missing bag of peanut butter cups would also be free. she told me to call in the morning to get my delivery time. the person I spoke with in themorning told me that I would need topay for the missing lunchmeat and cheese if I wanted it, well I had nochoice, because there were a lot of hungry people waiting to be fed in 3hours. it was delivered to my home at 11am, and picked up by a volunteer, and by the grace of god, the lunch was served. I had to pay $44.45, forthe stores mistake, I really hope you will return that money to me, a credit would be fine, because I will continue to use your store for my homeless lunch orders. thank you, mary mulhall, 5009 copley road, phila. , pa. 19144, [protected] ps.. i sent 3 other emails to "contact us" site

Apr 28, 2014

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