Shoprite Checkerseggs and general lack of customer satisfaction

Brakpan - Hi, our store only seems to have 1 supplier for their eggs, which is odd and really bad at the same time since the eggs are of the worst quality. Over the months it seems as if the supplier has been reserving the worst stock for our branch. The eggs are rotten! and if not rotten, when you crack them open they run like water?!. Also of late the carrots have also seemed to have been of a more run down quality, old and quite a few packets still have mud, or sand on them. I am not used to seen this quality in our store but if it is not stopped immediately then it will just get worse. There is a heck of an over abundance of fish, which would be good if the fish sold out but this is brakpan and at those prices it is pathetic to have so much in stock, however a variety of fish would be better. The hake/haddock with sauce was more affordable and the steam fish would be nice to see. Last but not least. The bakery is a joke, has been for a long time now, I do not buy from your bakery because the quality is sickening, there is no heart going into the baking and the staff no longer feel the need to wear gloves!!! A total revamp is needed in that department. The quality is really just plain dodgy. The managers need to get off their butts and actually do the work they are paid for. One store!!! one frikking store and that is Shoprite and it should be the best store but it looks like a dogs breakfast and no effort is being made to satisfy your customers. Everyone knows that Sundays most folk like to go and buy fresh nummy smelling bread and rolls. Well the only thing I want to do on Sunday is frikking cry for our store, either it's not ready by ten or its burnt! Seriously could we see some change and could you at least get them to stock more exciting goods. Like fresh Asparagus and Reece's chocolates

Jan 18, 2017

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