Shoprite Checkers / customer service - st john's liquor store

I went to the above liquor store today to buy drinks for my staff Christmas party - I had a basket, but the basket was too small for my purchases - so I needed a trolley - I asked the Checkers staff member who was standing at the door, if he could find me a trolley - He was busy chatting at the time to a security staff member - he glanced down the aisles & said that there were no trolleys I must go & get one from the main store - I left my goods on the counter & went to get a trolley - When I got back to the liquor store the guys were still chatting - I asked him for some customer service my means of assistance to put my purchases into the trolley while I pay the cashier - I also made it very clear that I was unhappy that while he stood there chatting to his mate - I as the customer had to go next door to get a trolley -
I asked the Cashier if he was allowed to fetch trolleys for customers - She confirmed that he was allowed to do this - Obviously just lazy to help a customer while socialising with the security guard.
I asked if there was a manager in the liquor store, with that the cashier speaks to someone who can not be seen by the customers, he was chatting & could not assist immediately - but eventually a guys appears from behind a screen, who had also been busy chit chatting to an employee !!! I told him ( Name is Fortune) what had transpired, he showed NO interest at all...because I had also interrupted his CHIT CHAT !!! - I told him that his staff including him are not doing their work AT ALL - Fortune mentioned that I should have asked a different staff member to get a trolley for my shopping, the staff member whom he suggested, was the same staff member who Fortune was chatting to behind the screen !!!

Fortune was just trying to cover up for the bad attitude of the first guy... He did not even look at or talk to the first guy about the situation... They really did not care AT ALL to provide any customer service whatsoever - Both the Manager & the initial guy at the door (wearing a RED WELCOME sash) are bad for the reputation of CHECKERS CUSTOMER SERVICE - VERY VERY frustrating experience & I will NEVER go back to that store again - I felt as though I was expecting too much -

FOr the record there were at least 6 staff members & I was the only customer in the store at this time...


Dec 12, 2016

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