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I called the woman from Human Resources about 2 weeks after she had called me back and had said twice that she believed me and that I didn't have to show her my two receipts and that she would be willing to meet me at this Shoprite when I show the managers my October receipt which proves that I did buy a good homestyle garlic turkey breast there that cost 6.59 for half of a pound not 3.21.She had said in the first that she would speak with them and get back to me and that usually takes a day or two.

Well, I told her that I would call her if I could go that Thursday of that week to meet her there but I couldn't go. She never called me back about this. And I had told her then, that I'm sure that they are still going to deny they ever carried it and I said they might become more defensive and angry because my October receipt proves that I'm right and they're wrong and they don't want to admit it, she said no, I'll talk to them.And when I spoke with her May 2 she now says that she did speak with them and that they said that they only have been carrying this cheaper type of garlic turkey breast and that someone made a mistake with what they gave me in October! Yeah right, I purposefully sought out and bought a cheap fake processed type of turkey breast (which I don't like and never buy, )before, and I only got this good homestyle more expensive one once by mistake!? Total bull!

I told her again for the zillionth time, that I did buy it there several times before October and that the Deli manager at this store told me on the phone weeks ago when I first spoke with her, that the more expensive garlic turkey wasn't selling there. I said to this woman from Human Resources in my first and my recent conversation, how would she have known it wasn't selling if they never carried it there? She said she didn't know and that she looked in their case when she was there recently and she said it is the cheaper kind that they are selling now. And she said I should just ask to taste it before I buy it.

I said I didn't need to taste it because as I said, I had already bought it there quite a few times before and I knew that I liked it and I had told her during my first conversation that I had seen it in their front case a few times before but I wasn't sure I would like it, but then eventually I asked if I could taste it, and they gave me a little and I knew I liked it.She sounded as if she believed them now and said the store manager told her he doesn't think I'm being deceptive, she said it's human error. Unbelievable!

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  •   May 11, 2011

    Over react much?

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  •   May 11, 2011

    By the way, you could've easily shortened the complaint by a long haul, way too much repetition.

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  • Le
      Jan 13, 2013

    Hello my name is Alan Goldberg, I am a former employee of Carteret Shoprite. For the record I had worked for the store for almost eight years. I will be the first to admit that I was not the greatest employee ever but I will state that I was far from the worst. My position with the company was that i was their meat manager. Over the years, i experienced some problems with my job that included lack of proper personel, lack of cooperation from my managerial team which included some of the other department managers and eventually my lack of desire to complete my job duties due to the lack of respect that i received from my store manager. I will be the first to admit that I did not do everything that i was told to do by my managers and I agree that I was wrong. In my defense I must state that I did not get the proper help and guidance from my store manager Mike Marzullo when it came to helping me fix problems or situations in my department. When it came down to it Mr. Marzullo would usually go out of his way to make any problems that I brought to him worse by berating me and he would also blame me for causing the problem. So instead of making a small problem go away he would usually make the problem 10x worse. It got to the point that just about everyday he would make a sarcastic and hurtful comment to me just to get under my skin so he could ruin my day. After I quit I still shopped in the store until Mr. Marzullo started to pull me on the side to tell me that I needed to keep my mouth shut and stop bad mouthing the store to everyone. After about three to four times of this happening I explained to Mr. Marzullo that whatever he was hearing about me talking badly about the store was all complete lies. Even after I explained this to him he told me that if he heard any more about bad things being said he and the owner Lenny Sitar would put a restraining order on myself, my girlfriend and any of our family from stepping foot on the entire complex property. Even to this very day I am hearing things from employees of Carteret Shoprite that things are being said that I am writing and saying bad things about the company and some of their employees. Anyone that knows me especially those that have known me for years, would state that I have always gone to an individual especially MR. MARZULLO when i have had or was having a problem with something whether it was personal or about business. So to constantly hear that I am doing or saying things about a person in this company or something about the company itself behind their backs is an absolute lie. One of my biggest faults i find about myself is not knowing when to keep my mouth shut. Over the years this trait has certainly got me my share of troubles but what i know is that no one can accuse me of being a back stabbing no good person. I have never thrown anyone under the bus and I have always excepted the blame and punishment for my misdoings. SO LET IT BE CLEAR TO ANYONE WHO IS CALLING ME A LIAR, WHAT I KNOW IS THAT EVERY TIME I LOOK IN THE MIRROR I CAN HOLD MY HEAD UP HIGH KNOWING THAT WHAT I DID AND HOW I DID IT WAS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF OTHERS AND MY GOAL WAS TO HELP MY CO-WORKERS AND MY EMPLOYER PROSPER BOTH IN BUSINESS AND ALSO THEIR PERSONAL LIFES. WORKING IN THAT FASHION WAS PROBABLY MY BIGGEST DOWN FALL BECAUSE ALL I SAW HAPPENING WAS OTHERS GETTING IN LINE FOR A PAT ON THE BACK AND THESE SAME PEOPLE WOULD THROW ANYONE EVEN THEIR MOTHERS UNDER THE BUS JUST TO KEEP THEMSELVES OUT OF TROUBLE. SO LIKE I SAID IN LATE JULY WHEN I LEFT AND I WILL STICK TO MY STORY I WISH THE COMPANY AND ALL OF ITS EMPLOYEES THE BEST OF LUCK, I HAVE APOLOGIZED TO EVERYONE WHO WAS AFFECTED BY MY DEPARTURE AND ALL I ASK IS THAT THOSE THAT ARE ACCUSING ME OF DOING THEM WRONG IS THAT THEY TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THEMSELVES AND REALIZE THAT THEY ARE ALL NOT SAINTS AND WE ALL NEED TO GO ON WITH OUR LIVES WITHOUT STICKING ROADBLOCKS IN EACHOTHERS WAYS!!! SINCERLEY ALAN GOLDBERG

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