Shopko / wrongly accused/ theft/ deprivation of rights/ maltreatment

Austin, MN, United States

On Sunday April 15th, I was in shopko and had gone to exchange two birthday gifts which were two rings each at a cost of 59.99. The store aid without a receipt they could be returned or exchanged after finding a replacement item I reapproached the service desk to exchange the items since the exchange item was the same cost as one ring I put the other in my purse then was told that they would only give me a credit of 13.46 for the one ring. I then said I had couple items I could exchange and said I would get them from my car. I stopped at the restroom and proceeded to walk to my car as I did loss Prevention asked me to come back in and announced I was a shoplifter across the store they not only kept the items I had originally attempted to return but then charged me with theft refused to give me water to take scheduled seizure medication while being detained but refused to allow me any use of the restroom as well they also made comments and racially derogatory remarks also I was searched and touched innapropritaely while comments were made. My personal property was not returned and police told me I have to ask for it back in court. Are they themselves not guilty of theft and deprivation of my very human and civil rights?

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