I have been using shopko pharmacy since we moved to park falls wi, almost 4 years ago. In this time, my husband had a bad accident, was in the hospital a year, and suffered with a traumatic brain injury. Now my husband goes to pharmacy for all his medication and anoither thing is after 3 months after my husband's injury we lose our insurance from his work.

Fast forward to today January 29th my son was in ER for influenza A and my husband has a major surgery on Friday ofthis week. Doctor said he needs to take tamiflu today or they may cancel it. So I get out of er and go to shopko and I walk up to window and ask him to see how much this would cost for me. He flat out say no.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Park Falls, WI I'm like excuse me he said that would take too long and he can not do it. I say ok well I guess at least fill my son's and husband's as he needs it. He said no he can't and he doesn't have it it wld take a day or 2. Very rudly mind you. I said my husband needs this medication as he has a major surgery and can't get sick. He then tells me it's not his problem and he can't fill it. RUDE! I started to tear up and said where can I go to get it then? He said, um I don't know there is only one other pharmacy in this town. Grabbed the papers turned around and he says, WOW very loudly and disrespectful.

I am so unbelievably disgusted in this pharmacy and will never ever go back. And I will spread the word on how rude he was.

Jan 29, 2018

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