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Shopko / rude customer serivce

1 Green Bay, WI, United States Review updated:

My Mom had fallen and broke her glasses. My husband made an appointment for an eye test and new glasses for her. We arrived on time and we confronted with a rude receptionist. She walked away from us and talked to someone in the back before coming back to us. We were told to take Mom into the room and get her into the chair. She is in a wheelchair and needed assistance. I was told I had to move her wheelchair out of the room so they could have more space and then promply said "oh just leave it there". A very rude "eye doctor" came in a stated that Next time come in earlier so they had more time to get ready. I apologized and said that my husband has asked about that and was assured that extra time was not needed. It was like they did not want to deal with a person who is handicapped! Needless to say we were shocked and upset. We helped Mom back into her chair and left. We will find another place were customer service is a priority. You would think, especially in this economy, that the stores would take extra care of the customers they had. The recession will end and I'm sure the stores like Shopko will not have stated in business. I will never set foot in another Shopko store and will make sure that everyone knows about our experience.

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  • Ru
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    I had a similar experience. The clerks were unprofessional and rude

  • Ho
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    I purchased a camera costing over 200 bucks and I went to take it back because it had a provblem and the manager sat there and looked at the camera while it was messing up and still said he was going to charge me the 15% restocking fee.
    Customer service has been nothing but rude with me and on top of it all they are trying to get me to pay the 15%, no way, I am reporting them to the BBB and if I have to I will take this all the way to small claims court.
    I use to buy a lot of things from Shopko but because of this I will never ever buy another thing. Oh and by the way I have only took back one other thing to Shopko ever since i had shopped there. Their Hospitality towards the customer is really bad and I highly suggest to everyone out there not to shop at Shopko, espescially not in the electronics department.

    There is one other thing, the girl that had sold me the camera had dropped it while it was in the box. I ask the girl if something was wrong with it would i be able to return it without paying the 15% and she had told me yes.
    Be careful of Shopko, they are nothing but a bunch of rude big fat liars.

  • Jt
      4th of Jan, 2010
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    I work at shopko lol.

    Rude? Nah, most of us are pretty polite, except a lot of the service deskers. (customer service) They get fed up with having to deal with ###s and idiots all day, our return policy laminated to the ###ing counter, read it. You'll get burned if you don't, our staff can't do anything if you were misinformed, we can't break our own return policy because one poor ### failed to read

    Big fat liars - I can't disagree with that, often we aren't trained on specific policies and some hesitate to ask about policies, and give false information out.

    Unprofessional - Yeah, we are very unprofessional, but it makes it a nice place to work at.. which causes most of the employees to enjoy their job, or at least not hate it. I've never seen anyone I work with be rude to anyone (except at the service desk)

    People need to realize, when you deal with somebody at a store, you're not dealing with 'shopko' You're dealing with jimmy who lives on 2nd street. You're dealing with somebody who feels comfortable treating you however they do. Me? I am always as polite as I can be.. along with a lot of my co-workers. some people think it's OK to be rude if it's been a long difficult day. What people need to realize is that those people ARE NOT Shopko. When they're rude to you it's because they were ok with it, not shopko.

    Granted, those people represent Shopko, but only because people see it that way. I know when I go to Wal-Mart and the greeter fails to greet me. It's because that guy messed up, not Wal-mart.

  • Bo
      8th of Jan, 2017
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    In response to to JThornburg's comments; With an attitude of which you have expressed, it would be no surprise of how your life shall turn out, which would not be on a positive note, I'm afraid. I pity you, I honestly do. You seem quite cocky and have an attitude of self entitlement, which causes me to believe you are young or just simply a person of lacking class and refinement. What YOU fail to realize, or learn, is that CUSTOMERS are the BLOOD to ANY business endeavor and without a customer base, you simply do not have a business. With this being said, the customer should be respected and cared for in such a manner that they will want to return to a business over and over in order for the business to succeed. Do you honestly believe Sears and Roebuck, Macy's, or any other long lived business came as far as they did with an attitude such as yours? You are very fortunate, indeed, to have poor management to answer to because if I were your manager or supervisor or in corporate, you, and people such as yourself, would not be working for me at all.

  • Bo
      8th of Jan, 2017
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    We shall see how long Shopko survives with the complete lack of concern for their customer base as I have read from the series of complaints here. I don't give them five years from today, which is 8 January, 2017.

  • Bo
      8th of Jan, 2017
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  • Bo
      8th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes are correct when you say YOU are NOT Shopko...however, Shopko and any business should monitor, train, and care about the people they employ. If an employee feels that it is okay to be rude to customers, and management fails to rectify this problem, then the business will go out of business with time. Its a proven fact. We shall see...

  • Ma
      2nd of Jul, 2018
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    I know pot has maybe been smoking. Do not have Lori Reid working there. She was a pot smoker all the time. She will try changing the store and fire customers. I would not be there buying if you do that. Do not have her. Lori has a friend, shopko, that smokes pot as well. 66839.

  • Ad
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Shopko Stores Operating - ADA Compliance
    United States

    Most aisles are too narrow for a wheelchair to get through.

  • Om
      4th of Nov, 2018
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    Shopko - Manager
    United States

    The manager at this shopko store is very hard to understand. He did not seem to know where certain items were when i asked for help. I also heard him interacting with other employees, and he seemed to be very rude and degrading while talking to them.

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