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Brookside, Philippines
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Yesterday as I open my shop at Shopee, there was a message saying my account was tagged as "Limited Access", ofcourse I was so they provided reasons like and to justify my case :

1. Fake order creation
- I need you to give me an evidence on which or in which order I made fake, provide me evidences. For all I know it was the courier who faked my signature saying I have already received the returned item, when in fact I did not. I was even willing to give you CCTV footage on what date and time was that signature was taken I even provided you ID's for signature specimens for you to compare, but no to avail..until now almost 2 months already this issue weren't not resolve. Take not the signature that they were trying to show that it was mine was very far from the signature I used and always have been signing.
My products are always on wrong updates and tag, all I ever did was to follow-up, but it seems you have poor judgement of my shop. You should reorganize your team.

2. Voucher abuse
- NEVER DID I USE VOUCHER when buying in shopee, and I only have 3 transactions as a buyer in shopee.

3. Subsidy and rebates abuse
- I DO NOT HAVE SUBSIDY OR to avail..check it from the 3 transactions I had in shopee as a buyer

4. Scams
- Please do provided evidences...or even who is that buyer I have SCAMMED...

I am happily selling on Shopee and making a living for my children, I have clean conscience. I provide for my family and then suddenly this came and alI my buyers can't even search my account and seems it is not a limited access..its like my account is suspended... I want resolution with regards to this matter. I want my shop to be active ASAP...I have mouths to eat, and bills to pay...come on people do your job right!

Oct 17, 2018

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