Shell / shell regular gasoline

Cypress, TX, United States

After getting gas as this location (14710 Mueschke Road Suite A, Cypress, TX 77429), I immediately noticed the car felt different upon starting it. A day and a half later, it shuddered to a start and then faded off. It did this every time anyone tried it. I had it towed and the mechanic said that when they sampled my gasoline it was watered down and hardly smelled like gasoline at all. This caused severe damage to my car and have to have it repaired for $1, 300. I am filing a complaint with the department of agriculture. This is absolutely unacceptable. I have a bank statement to prove that this was the last place I got gasoline from and I am having my mechanic save a sample of the watered down gasoline. This has broken my trust with Shell gas stations and I plan on warning all of my friends and family about using Shell gasoline.


Sep 13, 2017

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