Shellshell gas station

I was an employee at shell Gas Station in Oakland Park and the manager offered me $10 per hour and I was only getting 8.50 at the other shell I was working at and he told me to quit there and he would give me more then 40 hours and more pay. So I quit my other job without a 3 weeks notice. And he fired me on my 5th day because he said my friend was playing with the pamphlets they have there and that was a lie she accidentally dropped them and picked them up when she came in as a customer to buy something. Then she cleaned her car out putting everything in a garbage can and he said I allowed her to play at the pump. So now I have no job because I cannot go back to my old store because I didn't but in a two weeks notice. So now I have no job for something stupid. When the store on Oakland Park had someone under the age of 18 working there now she is just 18 but been there over a year. I'm pretty sure your suppose to be 18 to serve alcohol. And the manager bragged about how he put his number up for complaints so that no one can call corporate on him they speak to him. They also sell pills that enhances your sex drive that have been recalled and are illegal.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Oakland Park, FLThey are under the register they are gold and they still sell them. I didn't know it was wrong until a girl said we can only sell these to loyal customers that know about them. I asked why and she said it's illegal we only sell to certain people and this is the same girl who just turned 18 but has been there over a year. It was the beginning of the month and they said mystery shoppers come in around this time he told me they also buy something for a dollar get a receipt and ask for the bathroom key to be extra nice to those people because he don't want to get in trouble. At the other gas station my boss never told me this. We had to follow those rules for every customer. They only do this in the beginning of the month here. I see a big difference in this store and I will only come back to the store in pompano that I used to work at because they are not right at the one In Oakland Park. Even though I lost a good job in pompano for something in Oakland Park who ended up firing me, I will continue to go to the one in pompano to spend my money because I dont want to support something illegal. I hope they fix that store or either shut them down. They also let certain people by lotto by debit card. I thought that was illegal we wasn't allowed to do that at the other store.

May 06, 2017

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