Shell / problems with a hungarian shell station at béke street 58 at night

Budapest, Hungary
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In Hungary, at Béke Street 58 there is a Shell station, and We, locals have got a LOT OF PROBLEMS WITH IT, AT NIGHT! During the nightshift, sometimes there are criminals or just simple rude people there, who listen to music loud or shouting loud and all of the employees at night DO NOTHING WITH THIS SITUATION! Why? Are they shy or cannot call the police? We call the police several times, but its enough now! Please send my letter to the boss of the Hungarian shell company, to let him know, whats happening in a shell station.
As i writing my email, there are some guys at the station right now and they are singing very loud about 2 hours now, they have got guitars too and the employees do nothing again! Why????
The employees just watching, whats going on and do nothing, and unfortunatelly We saw this kind of behaviour not only once. Its a shame, i think for SHELL company, that they have got this kind of employees. I will send my massage to facebook, google, and everywhere, If nobody can do nothing!

Its midnight! And they partying at the station! Its enough, Shell!

Jun 25, 2017

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