Shellgasoline and customer service.

Today around 3:45 I went to pump some gas at my nearest shell. When I got there I tried to use my fuel rewards card and the pump froze. So I went inside and the lady said that all her pumps went down and it was taking a minute to come up. After a few minutes they came back up. I told her I wanted $10 on pump 8. She put it in, and I told her I was using my fuel rewards first. I swiped it and it said I had 0.03 per gallon. So I paid my money and went back outside. I began to pump my gas an noticed it never took my 0.03 off. So I was paying full price. I proceeded back in and told her it never took it off. She told me well I don't know why I didn't maybe because when the pumps went down it caused a communication error and there's nothing I can do. So afterwards I left. But that really upsets me because when I swiped my card it was supposed to come off.


Jan 29, 2017

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