Shell Gas Staion / racist clerk

Hello there,

My name is abby and while I am not at all the type of person to allow ignorant behavior to bother me. I really must be affected by how very poorly I was treated on friday december 2nd 2016. My fiancé' andre and I were on our way to a pre engagement when we decided to get some gas from our neighborhood shell gas station: (6833 177 st nw, edmonton ab, t5t 4k3) while andre was filling up his tank, I walked inside to make some scratch card purchases. The store was completely empty, a clerk was not at the cash register as I approached. I spent about 20 seconds looking at the array of scratch cards, through the glass on the counter top before an attendant showed up to assist me. I greeted the young man with a hello how are you? Then politely asked for him to please show me the cards so I could pick a few. The attendant then took the scratch cards from under the glass and took two steps back with the scratch cards in hand. I then asked him if he could please come closer so that I am able to see the scratch cards better. He then threw the entire scratch card selection at me with a smirk on his face. I truly was in a state of shock at this point because I had never been so poorly treated by a retail clerk ever, but I still made my purchases. At this point andre had entered the gas station to pay for the gas and I did not mention the incident to him, fearing he might have reacted very hostile to the clerk. It's been three days since this incident occurred and I just can't shake the feeling being treated so poorly with out cause. Is this acceptable behavior from one of your employees? This is the closest gas station to me and I use to feel so proud of how clean and friendly the staff usually are. I'm truly hurt by the way I was treated. I do not have a receipt from my purchases, but I called my bank and they were able to give me the following information about the transaction: time: 1:32 pm, day: friday december 2nd 2016, bank id: 302, receipt # 0006430. I really do visit this gas station often and going forward I hope to be treated much better maybe some "customer service" to a frequent customer please.

Dec 06, 2016

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