Shelldiscrimination complaint

I would like to file a discrimination complaint against the summit shell at address 5700 warm springs rd columbus, ga 31909.

I visited this store around 11:08 p. M. The night of 5/13/17.

I tried to cash in a ga lotto ticket and the cashier said that the lotto was closed. Ok, fine.

I then tried to buy a pack of cigarettes. The cashier asked for my id, which I expected. I didn't have my drivers license on me as I wasn't driving so I gave the cashier my state issued photo id georgia weapons carry license. The cashier then said that he couldn't take that form of id.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Columbus, GAI asked why even though it is a state id and he didn't have an answer for me.
I then went to the car to see if I had my license in my bag and my girlfriend decided to go inside and buy the cigarettes. The cashier didn't even ask for id and "flirted" with her. Very unprofessional, discriminatory, and demeaning to not accept my id and then not ask a female for hers.
I feel as if I have been sexually discrimated against and discriminated against because of my form of id, which I have because of my constitutional rights as a citizen. This quite possibly could be racial discrimination as well. The cashier thought it was a joke to turn me away for two different transactions that I expect most convenience stores to assist with.

May 13, 2017

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