Shellcarol frysinger

I was told I was no longer welcome at the shell store in Findlay Ohio on Tiffin avenue she says it's because I offered her employees drugs which one of the employees I don't even know who it was the other employee was married to my friend is how I knew her which no longer works there I have been going there for at least 10 years and she has never had a problem with me until one of her employees started hanging out with me and she lectured me like she is the employees mother which she is no relation shortly after that I am no longer welcome there as a customer I feel she should act more professional and keep her personal stuff at home the employee is not a minor she can make her own decisions now Carol wants to make false acquisitions about me and I am no longer allowed there I have gone in there a long time with no problems until now and now I'm kicked out she needs to separate her person opinions about things from her career that's not very professional for a store manager when most of her employees do do drugs I'm positive she knows it but they are still there she needs to keep her personal opinions separate from trying to be a store manager and worry about what actually goes on in the store she is supposed to be in charge of

May 13, 2017

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