Shell / being charged for 1. gallon of gas and receiving.9 in every gallon

Alpine, CA, United States
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While filling up a container I saw that I did not get the full gallon of gas that I was being charged for I went inside and told the women behind the counter saying that I just wanted to inform her because I think she could get in trouble for that and she told me that was normal. Am I missing something ? Is this Normal ? I rarely use this station because a while back I paid for a car wash only to find out it wasn't working I went in asked to be refunded the money and the women behind the counter told me to use it at a later date when the machine was in working order at the time I lived in Los Angels and told her that wouldn't work for me because I didn't know when I would be back and she still refused to give me my money. I'm only telling you that part of the story because your website flashed a sign saying my complaint wasn't long enough but it is the reason I rarely go to that station

Jun 10, 2017

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