Sheetz / mto food. condiments

Fredericksburg, VA, United States

I ordered an appetizer sampler. After the order was complete and given to me, I asked for some boom boom sauce. I was told there was a 40 cents charge for the sauce. (There is normally no charge for the sauce when ordering but since I didn't specifically "order" the free sauce with my order, I was told there would be an up-charge). I stated that if I ordered a hamburger and then asked for ketchup, would I be charged for a condiment only because I did not order the ketchup with the initial order. First off, this is the only business I know of that charges for condiments. I spoke with the manager and he didn't have the common sense to figure out what I was asking. He said; "I'm sorry, but you ordered ketchup on the screen, therefore, I have to charge you for the boom boom sauce. No wonder why so many people do not go to sheets... What horrible customer service. Will use Wawa from now on.

Sep 25, 2017

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