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I used to tend bar locally.. so I know all of the strict Virginia ABC Laws. I headed into Sheetz in Tappahannock, VA last night to purchase beer. In the state of Virginia you may sell beer at a convenience store until 12 AM. Our sheetz cuts off the time at 11:45. An employee saw me with beer, and instead of checking me out, walked away until the time hit 11:45 - and then told me I couldn't purchase. If she had checked me out when she looked at me, it would have been plenty of time for my purchase. I am upset because of her LAZINESS. She stated it was because she needed to lock the cooler. She did NOT need to lock the cooler as there was a manager on duty at the time. She then got an attitude and said the register cuts off sales of alcohol at 11:45 PM. I asked her to show me that, and she refused and called the manager. Luckily, I know him. If it wasn't for him working, things would've been much worst, JUST because of her attitude. The beer wasn't for me, so it didn't bother me that much. But the fact that she looked me in the face, THEN walked away and called over her headpiece to tell the WORKING employee at the counter to not sell me that beer. She was stocking cigarettes with a line backing up, when she could've waited since they CLOSE this location on Friday & saturday nights from 2AM-4AM. It bothers a lot of people that the store is advertised as 24/7, when in fact, it is NOT. I frequent sheetz A LOT. I order from the online app quite often. I'm sure if you check your data base for my debit card number, you'll see it pop up all over. My problem is, this is not the same sheetz it used to be. The new employees are usually sloppy.. they are not nice or smiling.. they act like they hate their jobs. Every time I purchase an online order, the front employee calls it to the back to tell them it's paid and I STILL have to ask them to hand me my food. EVERY. TIME. UNLESS, it is a "seasoned" employee, in which I have no problem and they meet me at the counter since they all see me so often. In the last 3 years I have watched employees come and go, and I ask myself why. The way some of these employees have been acting - makes me not want to go in there anymore. And I would definitely never want to work with anyone like that. ONE bad employee can effect them all.. work ethic, customer repor, & reliability. Remember that.

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    This is ALL of the time. Only the seasoned employees smile. The newer employees act like you need to kiss their feet to get service. Naw. That's not how a business should operate. I was NOT intoxicated. I was the DD for the night. I was upset because the employee looked me dead in the face and walked away. That's completely unprofessional, and not how she is supposed to do her JOB. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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    Again, it wasn't for me. It's not up to an employee to determine if someone needs alcohol, food, cigarette, etc. it is the employees JOB to sell them what they came in the door for, at a timely manner without such an attitude and without being lazy. Nothing I said was against what would be expected at any other job. ๐Ÿ‘

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Mar 10, 2018
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