Sharafdg / delivery delay

Alain, United Arab Emirates

To whomsoever it may concern!!

I am very upset with your services which cannot be expressed in words, because words or sentences will not be enough.
I made a terrible mistake by purchasing online through sharaf dg. Its the most worst experience which a customer can face.

Lets go to the details...

I have purchased a lg home theater on 01/07/2015. The so called customer service executives, have to be more professional in regards o customer services. I had called many times regarding the product delivery & every time I got new surprising answer which never linked up with any others. I had given my contact number in india on the day I ordered & mentioned very clearly that if u find difficulty in finding location, please call on the given indian mobile number. The person had taken my number & confirmed it to me as well.

1. After multiple calls made regarding delivery status, one of the guy came up with new answer that we don't have contact number of india, hence not delivered. The same number has been confirmed plenty of times in my earlier calls.

2. Later on the other day I got an answer that we are facing software issues, hence cant update

3. One of your call center agent tries to prove me wrong, stating that I had never given nay contact number in india.

4. When asked to connect me to a manager, they starting posing themselves as a senior / supervisor & manager is not available.

5. When made multiple calls each & every individual had a very smart answer that, we will check with the concerned department & call u back,,, which never happened initially. But one of your employee called on 15/07/2015, which was not with answer but repeating the same question that I did not give contact number in india... Which is putting the customer on the wrong side.

6. Even they said that we have checked our call recordings, and you have never given the number.

If a customer is buying something & paying you instantly, we expect it to be delivered at the said case you face any issues.. It will be highly appreciated to a call back & inform about the difficulty.

The most interesting part is they said to me... Sir we are confused where to india or uae.. When I have mentioned clearly the shipping address...

Maximum number of your agents don't know what they are informing the customers.. On an average my 8-10 calls I have got 7 different answers...

Jul 15, 2015

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