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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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I am writing this to express my feedback with regards to the situation I faced with Sharaf DG, Abu Dhabi Mall branch. I purchased a Samsung galaxy S8+ from Sharaf DG Abu Dhabi Mall branch on 16th May 2017, reference # SI/AM1/03954/160517/00034.

At the time of purchase I was offered extended warranty which covers Physical, Water & Sand damage for 1 year. I probed the sales person over and over again to make sure I was buying the right thing. Also note my friend who accompanied me on the day, advised me to not buy extended warranty as it does not cover all of the above, but the sales person was persistent and assured me over & over again that physical damage is covered. He gave many examples of damages that have been covered and phones being completely replaced with a new one in the past with this kind of warranty, I was super convinced and agreed to it.

Unfortunately, when my phone actually got damaged and I approached the customer service desk asking for replacement as promised I was informed that I must damage the phone completely by driving my vehicle over it a couple of times to seek replacement, however, I was not ready to cheat Sharaf DG and was instead happy to have my phone repaired instead.

After transferring the phone data, which is approximately a week later, I approached the customer service team to check my phone in for repairs, that's when your Customer Service team informed me that I have extended warranty which covers the software for an extended period of 1 year after manufacturer's warranty is over and not DG shield insurance. Moreover, none of the service team staff was even ready to listen to what I had to say, I kept asking and requesting for their attention, which was given at the time of purchase. I am sorry to say but SHARAF DG does not provide any after sales service.

I am shocked with the kind of MIS-SELLING done here. Just to meet their targets, Sharaf DG is misguiding people like me. They take the cost but we don't give the service promised. I am beyond dissatisfied and upset with the MIS-SELLING. If the sales rep. was honest on the day I would have bought DG shield instead which costs less than extended warranty and covers all my concerns, when I asked for protection against physical damages why would the staff sell me an incorrect product which only benefits the seller and puts the buyer in a lurch.

I request the complaints department to look into this issue and help me find a resolution at the earliest. I have already approached the customer service team, supervisor, call center, online complaint dept. etc. and no one bothered to revert. IS THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE?

Hope to receive a positive feedback.

  • Sharaf DG Customer Care's Response, Dec 13, 2017

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with scanned copy of Invoice at [protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

  • Updated by Pushpa Mahida, Dec 13, 2017

    I have already sent the invoice to the support team and they don't want to help me.

  • Updated by Pushpa Mahida, Dec 21, 2017

    Please let me know if you can be of any help because the branch is directing me to support and the support is sticking to what the branch manager is saying without even investigating.

Dec 13, 2017

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