Shakshii Wellnnessweight reduction package

Hey everyone. Beware of cheaters. I have joined here to reduce my weight. I paid Rs. 78000 to reduce 30 kgs.
These people are very cheap frauds. They didn't give me proper treatment after taking all the money.
All the staff especially counsellor wants to loot your money by giving you all false promises before joining here.
Due to their treatment, i got skin allergies on my body & i gained 7 kgs after 2 weeks treatment.
During the treatment period, they were always postponed the sessions by offering only maintenance services. These people always recommended me to drink only 2 litres a day against the nature.

Technicians here are not professional. All the technicians will talk more but you won't get any results.

After I gained 7 kgs in 2 days, counsellor vidya told me not to come for the treatment alternate days. She told me to reduce my weight & asked me to come back for the treatment.

If i want to reduce my weight myself, why i need to spend money to reduce my weight with these people.

Inspite of all the above problems i i have asked for the refund. They denied to refund since they don't have policy to refund.

These people are very cheap, fraud & loot all of your money. Kindly beware of these cheaters & stay away.

I will struggle to get my money back by launching a police complaint & i will go to consumer court.

I will inform to all social media about these people to stay away.


Nov 22, 2018

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