shakeys pizza / senior citizen discount

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At around 5:44 PM of February 23, 2013, in Iriga City, Philippines, this customer purchased on take out basis 1 Belly Buster HT Party PIZZA priced at PhP576.00 subject to a STATUTORY DISCOUNT of 20% for a Senior Citizen plus 12% VAT Exemption on the sale. Upon payment of the bill and presentation of the pertinent OSCA Identification Card, the management of SHAKEYS Iriga City gave only a discount of 8.15% instead of the 20% provided for by philippine law. Notwithstanding the request for re-computation wherein this customer was made by the management to wait for twenty (20) long minutes, the desired re-computation never materialized; hence, this customer left the premises taken for granted and ignored by its management and very much short-changed.

Feb 23, 2013

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